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Hi I am new...and I don't know what I am doing :)


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I suppose now would be a bad time to say I bought a metric Crap-ton of Nefsokar @ Reapercon?


Then again, I also bought a half a crap-ton of Mercs as well..... :devil:


Oh relax! Variety, man, variety! Besides, sooner or later they all succomb to Mercy. :poke:


Well, everyone except those pesky mummies...


Dragonette  Posted on Jun 15 2005, 10:34 AM


QUOTE (Kelcore @ Jun 14 2005, 08:53 PM)

Welcome to the boards, Dragonette.


thank you....soooo you wore the infamous Vacation Hat of Saint's eh? Poor tainted soul.... ik_down.gif


It's ok. The rash went away in a day or so... ::D:

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