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Foam Rectangles

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I'm stumped for a use for these foam rectangles I grabbed from work (NO idea what was packed with them). They are 1/2" x 6" x 8.5" and I got about 25 of them. There must be SOMETHING that so many clean, uniform and regularly shaped pieces could be used for. I'd hate to toss them or just do something blah like walls, but I'm drawing a blank.


Any ideas?


(PS- It's "bead" foam, which is a minus, I suppose.)

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any way you could post a pic of one or two? Are all of them identical? Are they just simply flat cubical or do they have any detail on them?


I can give better suggestions from pics.


Next question is, which games do you play? I mean it would do me good to start talking about how to create a castle and in turns out you play CAV or other sci-fi game.

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Ugh, I hate that kind styrofoam.


Top 10 Things to do with Beaded Foam Board


10. If you get enough of them, you can encase them in plastic and build a personal flotation device.


9. You can cut recesses in them and use it to encase a mini for shipping. A little felt or somethig to wrap the figure up in its void and it will handle the shipping well.


8. You can make terrain with it, but be careful. It will be prone to denting and crumbling, so make sure it is well sealed and protected, and make sure the glues and sprays you are using will not cause it to melt.


7. You can burn it, get high on the fumes, and then die from inhaling all the carbon monixide and poisons in the smoke.


6. Paint them to look like concrete and then impress your friends with your ability to smash though concrete slabs with a punch.


5. One word, Stonehenge.


4. Learn more than you ever wished about static cling by break one and trying to wipe the little beads into a trashcan.


3. Make little icebergs for your pool or bathtub. Make a little Titanic. Laugh as Leo Dicaprio drowns.


2. Send some fish to sleep with the humans (Love this Far Side strip)


And finally. The number one thing you can do with 1/2" by 6" by 8 " beaded foam board is.... <drum roll>


1. Line your living room with them, fill with ice, and have the largest cooler of beer ever!




I need to find more to do at work...

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Depending on what kind of foam they are, you can get yourself a hot-wire-cutter and make hills and stuff from it. The kind that's dense (not too full of bubbles - not grainy) is best for that.




The mountainrange you see there is made with flat layers of blue insulation foam that are stacked, painted with latex paint (the other kind will dissolve the foam) and then topped with static grass. They're dirt-cheap and fun to make.

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Thanks for the suggestions, folks ('beer cooler', heh).


They're perfectly identical plain foam rectangles. The foam beads are dense enough that they don't crumble from a light rubbing along the edges. There are 29 of them altogether.


I looked at them a bit more last night and I think I may just use them as modular bases for other terrain. I'm hoping to get some Hirst molds for Father's day and these flat blocks would probably work for basing some basic dungeon pieces that could then be put together on the fly. I'll just paint the bottom and edges black.


For 3D foam terrain, I have a 3' x 8' x 1" sheet of pink insulation foam I haven't even started cutting up yet.


What I really need is to convince my sainted wife to let me build a larger gaming table in the basement, but I think I'll hold off on that since she only just ordered the gift molds for me. ::D:

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