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I am currently working on a piece for my dad and wanted to add a "victim" to the base of the figure. You know some guy splayed out with a limb cut off type thing. Nice and bloody!


I don't know where to look for these. I haven't come across any in Casketworks but are there any other companies that carry victim minis?

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If you want to get gruesome, grab some GW zombie bits off a friend, since they are plastic, you can really do a hack job on them - plus there are great intestiney bits to make eviscerated models.


They mix nicely with various infantry models as well, so you can have a healthy looking empire warrior with his guts hanging out.

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Foundry puts out some casualties as well. I have a few of their Hundred Years War line, and I know they put out pirate casualties as well. You have to buy by the pack, but it's only $18 US for 5-6 minis (or 3 cavalry + horses). They have casualties for all of their lines.


Here are the pirates, and here are the Hundred Years War.


Foundry makes nice minis - I've got dozens of their pirates, Street Violence thugs and cops, and a mixed bag of their older HYW line. It's high-quality stuff, on par with Reaper in production quality and cleanliness. I've never been disappointed with their stuff. Finding it can be a pain, though - it's easier to order directly from them in the UK or scrounge on eBay than to find them in a store around here.


I make my own base casualties by sawing down old battered minis that just can't hack it as playing pieces anymore. Cut off the base, lop off and arm or gouge in a wound with an x-acto, and you're golden...

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Oh yeah, speaking of making casualties, here is one I made custom to fix a mini.


The is a Hundred Kingdoms "Giant Gor." While the expoy on his supporting arm was drying, he fell over on his left (extended arm) side. The arm glued at an angle, and thus he couldn't stand up correctly.


So I cut down an old TSR wizard mini I didn't like - one of the many TSR guys I have from my first foray into painting back in 1983-4. I cut off his base, faced him down on the base, and placed the Gor mashing him into the ground. Result - cool base, and a stable Giant Gor.





Gor Victim



Closeup of Gor Victim



Sorry for the image quality, I'm still working on finding a good shooting location for these types of pictures.

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