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Drill bit question

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For the drilling done in minis I don't see a difference between regular oils and cutting oil. In a heavy duty or industrial type application I can see where you'd prefer the cutting oils. Cutting oils tend to have additives (chlorine and sulfer off the top of my head) that help it cool and reduce tool wear, but unless you're drilling tons of minis it shouldn't be really necessary.

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Some of the tapping/cutting lubricants do have the advantage of being water-based, which will make it easier to rinse them out of the hole.


Also - Tapmatic AquaCut (my usual brand) has a wonderful cinnamon scent. Great stuff.

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I am not sure if i am going to do this project for place card holders any more. I am comparing the money saved (there isnt compared to some things) and all the time I would have to spend preping, drilling and sodering stuff together for this idea. It is still on the table but I am not sure about it 100% any more.

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