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Arachno-Assassin Centaur

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The conversion turned out killer there Herr! :B): I especially like how the horse frame gives the frontal view a thick and meaty (uh... well, you know what I mean ::P: ) look. Definately intimidating. ::D:


Once I get my mini painting skills back on track... I'm definately going to do a conversion or two as well. :poke::devil:

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dude, frosch, your there man. for the love of pete do some NMM! NOT because it looks better than metallic, NOT because it means you have finally "arrived" at the level of "quite a good mimiature painter", BUT because it will make you a better painter. it will force you to advance your layering techniques beyond where you thought they could go. you have the shading highlighting thing down, your washes and shades are excellent, now you just need a little work on your layering highlights and you will be the shizznit.


and trying to paint NMM will force these changes upon you.


I can only show you the door, Neo.

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