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Echange Mini Received


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phew... lemme tell ya... the post office wasnt nice to this one... but thanks to bleujennas stuffing of a plastic deck box (im not sure what else it was in a previous life... ultra pro card protector, bout 2 inches high... anyways)


see the case was cracked, as as i was taking it from the mail box i heard this light rattling coming from the package... and got worried..lol



turns out that yes, the case was cracked, and the peice that broke off of the case was just rattling around... the lid wasnt on very well, but the sheer power of the stuffing she used kept the mini in the box..lol


i tried to get a variety of shots.... some came out fuzzy, but i did manage to do better lighting..lol


peice of unused toilet better over a flashlight... gave a nice difussion i thought... if i had a more powerful flashlight than the one i picked up while waiting in line at walmart (for 2 bucks) then it'd been better im sure.


ok, im not going to post img links, im gonna post normal links... that way i dont flood down this thread

















im not sure which mini it is, i know its a warlord mini, i know if from the dwarf faction, and i know its a girl (the boobies kinda gave that away :P )

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well of course i like it.. its awesome..lol


makes me realize another reason i have to step away from painting, i suck..lol


its not your fault bout the damage, heck you put fragile, and a hand written fragile thing on it..lol



its all on the usps

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