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Lining (Black, Brown, Whatever)

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I have used both paints and inks for lining. I prefer lining with paint and have done so exclusively for awhile now. For washes and lining, and I have a premade thinning solution that is 50% distilled water and 50% Winsor & Newton Flow aid. I thin the paint for lining a lot, probably around 8 to 1, so it really flows into the cracks. I paint carefully aiming only for the place I want the lining. I may end up going the lining a second time, just to reinforce it if I need to. After that, I touch up the basecoat as necessary if I was messy.

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Always paint--ink, being shiny, is fine for quick gaming jobs but not the most optimal for lining if you're going for a showpiece mini. Thinned quite a bit, but not to wash consistancy; probably 2:1 Brown Liner to gunk/distilled water. You want it to still be pretty strong off the brush if you're going for a Marike/Jen Haley style with very dark lining, less so if you're going for a more naturalistic look a la more of my own work. ::):



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