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Any tips on painting eyes?

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Howdy, Wumby!


I've been trying to do eyes for the longest time, and I understand where you're coming from. The best reccomendation I can give you is go down to your local art store (or crafts store, like Michael's) and pick up a Pigma Micron Pen. a .2mm will do you well. Pop-Pop and two eyes are done.


For the whites of the eyes, you can just prime white the model, and not get paint there. Another option is to get your smallest brush and paint white into the eye cavity, then do the pen trick to give color (and irises, when you get really good) to them orbs.


--jeepers-creepers, where'd you get those peepers.



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If the Pigma pens are not available in your area try the sewing and quilting notions mail/ internet companies.  That is how I got mine. Unfortunatly most of those companies only sell sets.:(


I have also found that the Zig brand pen (wich I can get locally) works also. They are very similar to Pigma.:) The color choices are more limited though. At least in my area.


These pens are great for eyes and other small details.

Good Luck

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I use a 10/0 brush for my eyes.  I do the trick someone posted recently, which seems to work well.


1.  Paint the model's skin with a wash of reddish brown (GW Bestial Brown).

2.  Paint the eyes white.  If you screw up, fix it with the paint from step 1 by painting around the boundaries.

3.  If desired, put a dot of the iris color in the eyes.  If you screw up, fix it with white.  If you screw the white up, fix it with brown.

4.  Dot the eyes with black.  If you screw up, fix it with white, etc.

5.  Paint a darker flesh-tone on the skin, leaving the brown from step one in the creases, and around the eyes.  Your aim here is for the brown from step 1 to be a sort of "darklining" to set off your boundaries.  If you screw up, fix it with the brown.

6.  Highlight as desired with successively lighter flesh-tones.

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I generally paint the eyes like froschmeister outlined.

1.Paint the skin with GW dark flesh.

2.Drybrush with a lighter flesh tone.

3.Paint the socket usually with a light gray.

4.Paint an iris.


What I don't like is that it practically looks like the eyes are bulging out of his head.  Either way, I will scour the local area to find the pens and see how my next mini looks like.  Once again, thank you for all the insight.

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Only two small points to add:


Repeating from Zaphod's elven queen, I never use whites in the eyes, leave them in the basic skin tone, or if you want use a light flesh. The white can be too stark a contrast, leading to the pop-out effect.


Micron pens, I think someone here told me this but I'll repeat it. Tape over the holes in the cap and put a strip around the cap and the body. The pens seem to dry out almost as soon as I get them. By making them as air-tight as possible they seem to last longer.

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Something that might be too obvious and thus easily overlooked in the "kick in the crotch" look, is to be sure that the top/bottom of the iris does not show any white around the edge.  A small dab of dark paint in the middle of the white will tend to give you the fried egg look.


The part that always kills me is that on any given model, there always seems to be one eye that suffers from a mold flaw.  No matter what you do, one eye turns out well, the other looks like it was squished by an hefalump, or stretched by a fast talking woozle.

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I finished another figure last night.  (Pens haven't arrived.)  I managed to get one eye looking pretty good.  I used a medium shade of grey for the "whites" of the eyes.  That helped a little, and with a little trial and error I stumbled upon how much better the eye looks when you do not leave any white above and below the iris.  Now for the other eye, it looks like that hefalump got a piece of it.  The good news is that my eyes are looking better.  A few more tries and I think I'll have a figure to be proud of.
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