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Well Dad saw the Doctor today.


Dad has no signs of cancer and no signs of a nasty virus either! ::D:::D:


*Does a Happy Dance!!!*




So what does he have? In true family fashion he has stumped the Doctors, because they cannot find any trace of any virus or bacteria that could cause the problem. It seems many of us in the family are good at stumping Doctors. I kept stumping them for over two years getting pancreatitis attacks when I wasn't in the risk group for them. Thousands of dollars from my pocket later and a gallbladder and appendix removed, they solved the problem.

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That is GREAT news! ^_^ I'm so happy things worked out well for him. I had a similar experience with my dad about 5 years ago. Isn't it just a wonderful feeling to know that the doctors were wrong and the outcome WAS good?!?! ::):


Hope all continues well and your life can settle down and get back to normal.

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