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Scorpion w/ big legs


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I haven't based my Scorpion. I think it looks okay without it, but one idea I've heard bandied about is to use a Reaper flying base and clip the stalk down a fair bit so you have just enough height to keep the Scorpion in the right place.


As I said, I've not tried this but it shouldn't be too hard and would probably look pretty good.

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"Wargame Accessories" Metal Base Stands


Yellow label, stapled to close a clear plastic baggy.


Or, you could get some "For Sale" Signs, and cut them to size.  Cheap, and they are available in thin aluminum, or plastic.  Usually a good source for scratchbuilds, too.



John Bear Ross

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I do not base mine either.  You'll see both Jeneki and me, he has them and I don't.


Those bases make it #### near impossible to play with any trees on the table.  When your CAV enters the woods, I put the #### thing IN THE WOODS it just feels better :)


Personal preference though... with CAVs such as the Spider & Scorpion, they are able to stand on their own easily thus they don't need bases.


If Reaper visioned doing the APC stand trick with the Scorps, they would have made an extra hole for the stand and included a stand & hex base with the mini  heheheh

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