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Happy Father's Day

Ichabod Crane

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My dad is my hero. He was a CPO with the Navy "Black Cat" Squadron during WW2, came home and went to work unloading boxcars at the GM plant, and retired as an executive. He introduced me to model building at the age of four, taught me to love the works of Kipling, the films of Lee Marvin, and to study and get my own answers to everything. He'll be 81 in a few weeks, and still has a steel-trap mind. I'm blessed to have him as an example and friend.


My daughter is another hero.She is a gifted writer at 17; a free thinker and one of the best-hearted people I've ever encountered. I tell her every year, "Every day is Father's Day when you have a kid like her".....

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Do you guys get your grandfathers stuff for fathers day?

Well If my Grandfather were alive he would at least be getting a card from me. Granted him and I did not have a good working relationship, and that might be due to the fact he was an abusive alcoholic.


Right now I'm just thankful my Father's biopsies came back alright. I'm thankfull he doesn't have any serious problems and it's good enough to have him physically in the house today. Later we might do some gardening.


Dad is the main reason why I'm an artist. When me and my Sister were very young, he used to let us paint with him or draw with him. He got us our own pads of paper, drawing pencils and crayons, and set us down and let us create. Him and Mom saved some of our earliest creations much to me and my Sister's embarrassment. I remember he went through a phase where he wanted to sculpt clay. He brought home a huge brick of oil based red clay that was to be fired in a kiln. He gave us each a large hunk and let us go at it. As to what happend to those creations, I don't know. I'm sometimes afraid of what I might find in my Parent's boxes downstairs.


Now Dad feels lucky if he can find a day to sit down and draw and his hands aren't shaking bad. He can start shaking without warning. When he was younger he shook mildly like I do. But after his injury six years ago, three neck surgeries, a shoulder surgery, and mini strokes since that injury, some days he cannot draw at all. It's a crying shame too because his pen and ink drawings are absolutely amazing. Think of a black and white photograph of a covered bridge. I've seen him do a pen and ink and if you put it next to the original photo you wouldn't be able to tell the two apart save for my Father's "trademark," which he always puts in his artwork. What is this trademark? A frog. The frog can be jumping, sitting or leaping, but it's always smiling.

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