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2800- Skeleton Warrior


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I'm working on this exact model myself at the moment. It's interesting to see your colour choices.


I really like the weathered metallics you've used, especially on his left thigh. It looks fabulously corroded in the first pic.


Can't wait to see it finished.



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Looks really good actually, especially if youre only beginning. Much better use of metallics than most people. My only criticism would be the white bit of the helmet (not finished?) because it looks too plain and isnt shaded and the face of the severed head which is a bit of a strange colour.

What colour are you using as the base colour for the bone? Because it looks like quite a nice brown and i want some ;)

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First of all thank you for the kind words ;)


For mateybob: For the bones i tried to have a scorched effect, so I used a mix of scorched brown (GW) and sneakbite leather (GW), and then i went down with fine drybrushing with more and more bleached bone(GW) added to the mix. ;)

For the white on the helmet I used the White Pearl(if I remember right) from Reaper.It is not finished yet because i'm not so happy with it .


The best is yet to come (hopefully ;) )


Other comments are welcome as always

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