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SciFi minis you'd like to see.

Mad Pat

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Thought this would be a good time and place to start this thread, Now I'm going to state I get ZERO say in what is produced mini wise in this company. So i'll start of by saying what I would like to see. Lets also keep this to stuff that isn't rehashing discussions from other threads.


I personally think it would be cool if we had some Cops, both Armored and Unarmored. I need them for NPC's in SciFi RPG's. Course Modern cops and SWAT teams would be cool.



Mad Pat

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Top Posters In This Topic

Oh gosh.. I have a wicked long list....


1) Science types - always need lab techs, mad scienctists, eggheads, Gordon Freemans etc..


2) Street people - Not really vagrants - but think Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future or Bladerunner - just those types milling about on the street


3) Media types - I'd *LOVE* and "Edison Carter" figure (or one that looks alot like him, if you get my drift). Definately want to see reporters, camera crews etc


4) Suits. Can never have too many suits and corporate types - give them guns too, maybe.. you can use them for security, men in black etc.


5) Zombies. Yeah.. well.. always need zombies - and with zombies goes hunters. Need zombie hunters.


6) Astronauts.


7) Technical crew - big men lugging big wrenches. Mechanics, engineers, maintenance.


8) Infantry... but this is and will be covered in the future I think.


9) Wasteland warriors and nomads. Think Mad Max and Fallout. Really - take anything from fallout :)


8) Cops are always good...I'd like to see some "near future" riot cops as well.. really scary faceless cops with shields and truncheons, and body armor. Gasmasks a plus.


9) Citizen Militia - you can use 'em for crazies, block defenders, zombie hunters, rioters etc...


10) Tinkerers and engineers - Kinda like technical crew and scienctists - but more of the invernter, werid scienctist, Dr. Beakman types.


11) Vehicles - just simplay cars and stuff. Bicycles...etc.


12) Post-Apocalyptic religious fanatics - Think of Planet of the Apes, with the humans worshipping the bomb in the basement etc...


13) Mutants... can't go wrong with muties :)


14) Themed gang members? - Look at some old judge dredd comics and stuff - lots of the street gangs have a theme to them, like one that dresses kinda like pandas - or you can have an all hippy gang, goths, red necks, punks, high school nerds who are tired of getting pushed around and trade their lunch money for small arms... etc.

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SciFi aliens. Sure, some fantasy figures will work for this, but they're carrying fantasy weapons and wearing fantasy clothing (those that wear them). I'd like to see high-tech aliens. Since I'm more of a roleplayer than a wargamer, I use figures for those kinds of games. ^_^

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Oh wow, yes, everything mentioned above.


I just want to throw in for more alieny-aliens. Elephants (Footfall?), ursinoids, Kilrathi, Mardukans, Posleen! Hive-minded dog-thingys whose intelligence is based on pack size!


Oh and retro-future space suits, space-damsels in metal bikinis, evil green bug-eyed aliens!


The options are endless.

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Even though it would technically belong in the General Modern/Historical forum, just to prevent scattering feedback all over the place put your requests for "Modern (i.e. right now) and near-modern (both going back to the early 20th century or up to the "cyber-punk" near future) figs here as well.

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Also, as we're all aware, Reaper's primary customer is the person buying minis for use in Fantasy RPGs (and especially the main fantasy RPG that we all know and love).


The two fastest growing customer groups by percentage are the Painter/Collector (buys to paint and display or resell) and the Wargamer (a la coming over to RAGE or buying our figs to use in other games).


These three groups usually want different things out of us as a company at the extremes and there's a lot of crossover (imagine a chart with three overlapping circles).


Because of this....


The other extremely useful information to us would be WHAT Sci-Fi, Modern, near-Modern RPG you and your group is playing.


For example, if we get 3 requests for tentacle aliens that's great. If we get three requests for tentacle aliens for the same game system/time period/era (1920s Lovecraft for example) from posters that are from three completely different gaming groups, that's even better. That also shows us what popular SETTINGS are out there as well.


A popular setting is much more useful knowledge to us because for every dozen people that post on this forum, we can assume several other people in their gaming group that might also need figures as well that aren't posting on the forum.


If you're not going to use the figure you're requesting in an RPG, then are you a painter/collector? If so, let us know what details you prefer to see (dramatic pose over tiny details to paint, flowing cloth and hair over skin, etc.) in a figure you paint or collect.


If you're a wargamer, what system will/would you be using the figures you're requesting as proxies or figures in? (this includes using any potential AICOM figures in other games as well).


If you're in the crossover area (a little bit collector, a little bit wargamer, a little bit RPG player) then let us know that as well. If you've got a bias then put that in (for example, for myself I'm a lot sci-fi wargamer, moderate sci-fi RPG, and pretty low on the painter/collector side) but my wife Reaper Jay is primary scifi rpg and painter/collector (about equal on both) with almost none in scifi wargamer.


I think everyone can agree that most of us want Sci-Fi figures, as I think we can all agree that Reaper has a track record of "doing it right" - well, as the movie quote goes "Help us, help you".... and... "You had me at hello." ::D:

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I'm a painter/collector mostly.


For me it's the personality of the mini. I've picked up several DHL minis due to their personality (Iron Golum, Burrowing Horror), even though I'm disinterested in Fantasy.


As far as the detail of the mini? It seems reaper sculptors know when to add lots of little painstakingly applied trinkets, and when to leave open space for colors/freehand work.


My real request if for branching out. Even the sci fi that we have today seems to lack some imagination. Either there's militaristic, fairly standar troopers, or fantasy archetypes in space. Sure theres some intersting bits here and there in lots of ranges, but on the whole there's a lack of imagination IMO.

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Painter/Gamer/Collector (especially of OOPs)


Games my husband I play as well as our circle of friends:


Call of Cthulhu (Hire FranktheDM for concepts of these minis :lol: )

Shadowrun (most of our friends play this and we could always use minis - the Ral Parthas always left me cold - I didn't like them. I also don't like most of the art in the SR books)

Champions/GURPS Supers (there is always a need for superhero figures - the Hero Click things are just blech)

White Wolf (Vampire, Mage, Werewolf, Changeling - before the Great Change to a new edition - a lot of these minis can be covered by fantasy figures or with modern ones).

D&D (but this is all covered by the fantasy side of Reaper)

d20 Modern


I'd love to see a good Sci-Fi RPG. I've tried Star Wars, Traveller, and a bunch of others, but just can't seem to find the one I really like. Best Sci-Fi game I was ever in was a Hero-based game.


I agree with Nanite. Most of the Sci-Fi or modern figs are either military or cliche. I want something unique. A new look, a new approach to Sci-Fi. I want the Star Wars of Sci-Fi minis (you know, the feeling you got seeing the movie for the first time in the theater after waiting in line for two hours in 1977).

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I'm a gamer - but I also really enjoy painting and modeling.


The big games We/I play right now are various rule sets depending on mood (trying to find/homegrow something we love - which is why a RAGE moderns that can be used for just about anythign with guns would be soooo darn sweet)


Anyways - skirmish level games of 10-20 figs a side are good. Right now we are digging on gang combat a la necromunda or street violence or gangs of mega-city one.


Also fun are urban zombie survival/hunt and bug hunts (I love the idea of packs of dog-like aliens)


small "marine on marine" actions are good too using either 40k, necromunda, star guard rules.



I haven't played an RPG in a while - but when we did it was Cyberpunk 2020, or Shadowrun (minus the magic and elves and stuff).


I also really dig 1930's pulp as well - so Pulp Games and CoC.


As far as proxies - I'd love more guard models. I can't get tired of various military influenced models - and I really liked the AIComm prototype that had the futuristic german stylings.


You guys rock as far as poses and what not goes - you have models with lots of fiddly bits - and some without - everyone is happy. I'd just continue the trend I think.


In a perfect world here is what I would love to see:


1) RAGE Moderns - this would be a catch all rulebook that would cover how combat in the age of modern firearms would take place. It could cover everything from WWII to near future (and quite possibly far future) technology and combat. How do guys move, how do they shoot - how are machine guns more effective than rifles. This would be the core engine... lets think of it as a game console. Every game console needs a launch title. Nintindo has it's mario titles, Xbox had Halo. RAGE Moderns should have AiComm


2) RAGE Modern expansions or "modules" - RAGE Counterterrorism sounds fun - release a book with specialized rules for it. RAGE WWII - have special rules for squad actions and vehicles. RAGE Evil Mastermind - publish my material for those who want spy on villain action. Perhaps run a casket works article on Zombie Apocalypse in which zombies are plaguing the cities and our handfull of heros have to escape. I also wonder if you'd even have to release models per se. Like in the case of RAGE WWII - I'd love nothing more than to see reaper put out really characterful WWII guys, but there is already a huge range of WWII figures. I do know that people who like to play WWII would be interested in a quick and easy to learn skirmish game and would definately pick up the rule sets to play. Also, it would attract historical players who might not otherwise check out the system because they don't care for fantasy or sci-fi - and they may find once the enjoy that game, they'd enjoy other variations because they are already familiar with the mechanics.


3) Just sweet models that you can use for whatever. Not a wargamer, but play RPGs? Cool... Reaper has a great line of figures, and probably has what you need for your game. Granted there is a Dark Heaven game out there, but most people don't know what it is.. they just know of this great line of figures they can use for their D&D game, or can have to represent their character. Wargame? Cool! Then reaper has this great line of figures you can use. Have a mission in which red necks need to rescue their mechanic budy from the hoard of zombies (I'm on a zombie kick right now) - well - grab some of the redneck militia, a mechanic and some zombies and you've got a skirmish. Need an interesting character to represent Commisar Ironbutt in your guard army? Wasteland warrior needs to get gasoline to fuel up a bus and get the women and children away from the clutches of an advancing barbarian hoard? Well.. you get the drift.



I personally would welcome any and all modern and sci-fi models put out. On top of that, if there was a generic ruleset that would allow me to play any scenario I could imagine up - I'd be in heaven.

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