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SciFi minis you'd like to see.

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Some Shadowrun/Urban Arcana figures: Tolkienesque races (including humans) in modern attire and modern weapons. This is probably a big untapped market between two settings that have superficial similarities.


Townsfolk: yup, I need by-standers while running through a crowded space station and it's hard to know who the bad guys are when all the minis have guns and/or knives drawn.


Police/SWAT/Paramilitary/Milicia: Someone has to keep the order depending ofn the level of disorder. These like crominals can be either friendly or unfriendly dependingf on which side of the law you are on. So they can be someone you run to for help or "monsters"/stormtroopers from your point of view.


Space Opera/Interplanetary Romance: Something along the pulp adventures of Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Star Wars or John Carter. Not talking direct copy, but inspired by so you have two fisted ray gun totting toughs and scantily clad alien princesses ... just look at Wizkids' Rocketmen project.


Did I mention Shadowrun/Urban Arcana minis? :;):



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What I have been waiting for is a sci fi skirmish game that is a lil more normal science fiction, not all gothicy or fantasy like 40k and clones. I also like aliens that are humanoid (ala klingons although I hate star trek). AICOM seems like it will be this which is perfect for me.


For sci fi RPG stuff this is what I would like to see.

Fall out minis would be great

Mechanics, scientists, ect..

Space Rogues (pirates, crime lords, thugs, hired muscle, bounty hunters, smugglers ect..)

Security personel and cops

Terrorists and ant-terrorists (think rainbow 6 but more futuristic)

Assassins and scouts

Bridge Crew for space ships

Cyborgs if they arent too over the top

Normal infantry for different envioronments such as desert, arctic, underwater, zero gravity, jungle

Miners, workers in plant ect..


Vehicles that arent made enough like drop ships, buggys like in final fantasy movie, tankers, cargo ships, ect..


I am a wargamer, rpger and painter/collector and I for sci fi I like realistic futuristic stuff (not like 40k except maybe the imperial guard)

The level of sci fi I like is in movies like Aliens, Soldier, or in tv shows like battlestar galactica, firefly, or space above and beyond. I hate startrek and 40k type of stuff.

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Mainly painter, no regular gaming group here(thought for Sci-Fi/modern I use GURPS or Shadowrun)


Civillians-with cybernetics, like the buisnessman with a data-jack.

Robots, non-military

Aliens, can never have to many.

Un-armed/lightly armed adventurer types (boys and girls gan you say psychic)

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Hahaha. No, that would be Jester! ::P:


Although now you've given me an idea for an anthropomorphic tentacled moose wearing a spacesuit and pulling an anti-grav handtruck. :wub:

*Falls over laughing!!*


Ary that was to much! I almost choked on the water I was dirnking.


I want scientist types for sci-fi minis. Ones that are tastefully done. These weird tubes going from the brain to the stomach are just not good.

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In sci-fi I'm a wargamer. I play Defiance primarily which I imagine is not too disimilar from what AICOM will be (Not disparaging AICOM at all).


What do I want? Squads. Several different poses of guys/girls with standard weapons, and then maybe 2 or 3 heavy weapons. I like scifi in two categories: sleek high tech and gritty high tech. No gothic techno-fantasy thanks, but mainly because it's been done. I want my troopers to look serious, not cartoony. I don't want a sci fi setting that's a stupid rehashed derivative fantasy with guns glued on; no gods, no demons. WH40K fluff, backgrounds, and most of the factions epitomise absolutely irredeemably worthless trash.


A few specialists would also be cool.


Female snipers.


Games played: Shadowrun, Defiance, Legions of Steel. Minis ogled: VOID Syntha heroes, Urban War Viridian troopers, Space marine Scouts, Eldar tanks, and DLDproductions vehicles. Also Kryomek aliens.

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Dune styled minis, and not the Sci-Fi mini series, but the movie. I loved the costuming in that one.


Mmm, sand worms.


Completely alien aliens. So non-human they can't even be called anthropomorphic. Tentacles, eye stalks, multiple wingsets/limbs, give a whole new meaning to the idea of a double-breasted suit. :devil:


Let the sculptors go wild with ideas.

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Oh goodness *yes* to dune. Both to the Lynch vision - as well as some of the other stuff you don't see in the movies, but see in the book. It also means not having to use Van Saar as fremen ;)


The Dune universe is a great place to draw inspiration from, actually - since it's so rich and diverse.

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It would be really really sweet to have a bunch of guys in jumpsuits and hard-hats or berets armed with various SMGs - and perhaps a sergant with a luger? Maybe...


Maybe a guy in a tuxedo with a european pistol? Something like a walther PPK?


Bald guy with a scar and a cat?




Just a thought.

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Also fun are urban zombie survival/hunt and bug hunts (I love the idea of packs of dog-like aliens)


Have you read Fire Upon the Deep?


Second the Lynch-style minis. I would love to see some barouque Sci-Fi minis not dripping with skulls.


Literary Sci-Fi is an untapped wonderland of cool designs (hollywood forgets this too), but we seem to keep getting the same kinda things over and over from manufacturers.


Heck, I would love to see reaper do nice generic men and women in near-future spacesuits carrying their helmets.




OH YEAH! Just hit me, every alien from Fifth Element, Mangalors and Mondochiwa!


Bald guy with a scar and a cat?


But he would cost one miiiiiiiilion dollors. Either that or you would never know if you got the right one.

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