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SciFi minis you'd like to see.

Mad Pat

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I would like to add to my list...


*Inspired by Dr. Who

*Classic sci-fi nasties like The Triffids, The Thing (old version), and The Blob

*War of the Wolds (all versions)

*Set peices (computer consels, weird rock formations, alian runes)

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I'm a gamer/painter that works with both sci-fi and fantasy, RPG and TTG. Sci-fi is my primary interest, but good games are less common than for fantasy.


Shadowrun is a good run for an RPG. I have a lot of the old figures, but variety is never a bad thing.


Rezolution is great for a TTG, or an alternate setting for a Shadowrun campaign.


I'd love to see some good figures based on Ghost in the Shell characters, both to fit the two noted games and for an anime based campaign.


Good classic sci-fi heroes would be nice as well. We ported over ideas from Rocketmen to the Savage Worlds RPG before we heard they were planning an RPG supplement, but appropriate figures are very hard to find.


There are several companies doing decent cyberpunk styles of figures, but nothing I've found that matches what Reaper can do without getting ridiculous on price.

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