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dem Bones, dem Bones


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What color combos do folks recommend for things like undead skeletons, skulls, tusks/horns, etc.? I've tried several combos and have never really been too happy with the results. Usally my bones end up too white or too fleshtone for my liking.

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This sounds like a job for *taa-ddaa!) Reaper Master Series Bone Triad! 09058 : Aged Bone, 09059 : Bare Bone, 09060 : Polished Bone. They make for an awesome, aged bone color. You can also add further highlight with Linen Or Leather White, or add brown for warmer, earthy shading. Sky's the limit, really. But I'd definately start with the MSP Bone triad there. Like all the rest of 'em, it's good stuff!

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Does anyone have a pic of a skeleton painted with only the bone triad?


As for me, basecoat with white, do a wash with GW's Flesh Wash, then a wash of a yellow (I forget which I used) and finish with a drybrush of white, the heavier the drybrush the cleaner the bones will look.

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In this one from the painted gallery, Anne actually says she used the bone triad.



"Bone Horror, 14185 from the Warlord line, painted by Anne March '05. I used the RMS paint Bone Triad on this; Aged Bone basecoat, Bone Shadow wash, Polished Bone highlight. :)"


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I like my skeletons white; it's rare the skeletal warriors in my games are old bones, or just dug out of the dirt, or anything like that. They are usually dedicated tomb guards lurking in ancient tombs, carefully selected (and cared for) elite guards of necromancers, and so on. The most recent were pirates who had been turned into zombies and then eaten down to the bones by crabs and bleached by sun, salt water, and sand.


So I've been doing skeletons this way:


1 - Prime White


2 - Wash with GW Flesh Wash - slop it on until they are orange.


3 - Basecoat with off-white (I use ABC Antique White).


4 - Highlight up with a lighter white (I use Anita's Eggshell White)


5 - Wash with a thin, watery black wash.


6 - Highlight with white (I use ABC White or Reaper Pro Paint White) on the very edges of bones, eye sockets, joints, etc.


7 - finish non-bone details (armor, weapons, etc.)


The result are white, sharp-looking skeletons with just enough orange-y and dirty "grit" around the bones, ribs, etc. for them to stand out.


Mind you, I'm not making presentation pieces, I'm making game pieces. But they still look nicely sharp and attractive. I show off my skeletons when people ask to see my best stuff.



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I just used the bone traid on some skulls and stuff - and I'm really impressed.


They are a bit think to drybrush - you'd need to let them sit on your pallet for a few minutes - so if you are doing hoards of skellies it could be time consuming. Definately tough to do them all by hand, but for individual models - they are brilliant. :)


I *heart* them

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TKD likes white bones, I like mine with a bit of meat on them.


Base with Deep Red for that old meat look.


Layer on some rotten flesh - something between Pale Olive and Golden Blond (GW's Rotten Flesh)


Highlight with some Polished Bone where the white bits are showing through.


If you want them really fresh, a red ink wash then to let the recent ooze flow.


Detail clothing and other items. Wash them in dark brown to show age.

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