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Warlord #14058 Lorielle Silverain


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I was recently commissioned to paint this figure up, as a female thief. The only guideline was that it had to have blonde hair, and should look suitably "thief" like (and not ranger like).


I decided a nice dark purple would be the best color to go with. It was a really fun sculpt to paint, and I'm almost thinking of picking up another, to do for myself :)


The figure was delivered to the client today, and so I am posting pictures.


















I sculpted the flagstone base, and part of her hair was miscast, so I had to resculpt part of that as well. Since she is supposed to be a thief, I kept the highlights pretty subtle.. I didn't want to bring the purple up too high. I am really happy with how the black leather boots and gloves turned out.


Comments are welcome :)

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