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Forgewalk Marches in bold new territory

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My office is moving from Haverhill to downtown Lawrence. We were told to vacate and make ourselves available by cell phones for emergencies...otherwise, stay out of trouble. I am kicking myself for not bringing my figures and heading over this afternoon. Amesbury is within my cachement area. I didn't even think to check to see if you were open mid day before I left for work this morning. :grr:

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Our hours:


Monday: 3-9PM (as of July - right now we're only open 6-9pm)

Tuesday - Friday: 11AM - 9PM

Sat: 9-9

Sun: 11-5


Most of the time we have someone raring to go to play Warlord but best bet is to post the night before (or sooner) on our forums to guarantee a game.


Saturdays are a gimme for at least another month or so. We have a LOT of players now. Just wish we had another dwarf or two :)

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If I ever get a chance to play you Mick, I am hoping for a Dwarf or two less :poke:


Yeah I checked the hours at work this morning before they shut down the computers and phones and told us to get lost. I was cussing like a sailor for a few minutes.

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