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Will we be seeing anymore boxed sets for Warlord?


I mean stuff like 'Death Rider box' contains the new mounted Necro models and the leader. Something smaller than the boxed sets but contains logical troops and such.


Something for the new Reven would look like, 'New Recruits'. It would have a Lesser Orc Leader, hero, and a few spearmen and warriors.

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No doubt!! A boxed set that contains a captain fig, a different elite, and some different grunts other than what's in the original boxed set. That would be totally sweet! :wub:


I know when the Dwarven box set came out I already had all of the figs except for the Warlord himself. :down:


Wild Bill :blues:

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And if the boxed sets included a different number of units, like 4, instead of the usual 3 in a blister, it would let us be a little diversity to our numbers.


Most of all, it would be the perfect opportunity for Alternate Scuplts :)

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After talking this over with DEwen it seems even more possible. The faction box sets that are out are just black boxes with a sheet of paper around it, describing what's in it. It seems like it would be extremely easy to do this with the way Reaper has set themselves up. Nice job again guys.


Ideas for newer releases:

Darkspawn - Pain's Caress: Pain Tenders x3, Broken Fodder x3, Vysa, Soul Tender.


Reptus - Venom's Kiss: Nagendra Rangers x6, Ssathus, Ssudia(or a new elite since Ssathus is a Sarg)


Crusaders - Cavalry of Light: Cav x3, Cav Leader, Mounted Mage

- Heaven's Allies: Angel, Lion x2


Elves - Silver Sky: Archers x6, Selwyn, Cearwyn(sp?)


Overlords - Death is Freedom: Bond Slavesx12, Warbride, Iks



ok, I think I've gotten it out of my system. Hopefully we'll see this kind of them pop up soon.

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