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I feel slightly cheated


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Just today I bought Reaper's repackaged Kneadatite due to its convenience. Now I feel slightly cheated by Reaper after having bought it. Let's compare:


Reaper's Greenstuff: $6.99, six inches

Games Workshop's Greenstuff: $8.00, eight inches

Polymetric Systems Inc. = $12.50-$14.00, thirty-six inches (in roll form, not logs)


Why is Reapers' putty so expensive?

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That still does not answer my question.

I'm as confused as you are by everyone's responses thus far. The original question is:

Why is Reaper's green stuff $1.16 an inch, when GW's green stuff is only $1 an inch, and PSI's green stuff is only 35 cents an inch?


I don't know the answer. I purchased Reaper's green stuff because I'll never use 6 inches of green stuff in the life of the green stuff, so $6.99 was less than $8. ^_^

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I think it's more like the more you buy the lower the price. And isn't PSI the maker of green stuff? So maybe that's why their price is cheaper compared to other private label green stuff who bought the green stuff from PSI?



ding ding ding !!!


We have a winner!


We'd like to thank all our fine contestants and leave them with a parting gift... but we don't have any at the moment... so they're out of luck.


Until next time... :poke:

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NO!!! you should not feel ripped off at all!


compared in Ounces NOT inches....


the 36 inch pack contains 3.52 OUNCES of green stuff


the 6 inch tube contains 3.52 OUNCES of green stuff (contains 2 X 1.76 ozs)...


same amount LOWER price.


with the tube you are getting a cylindar of each color, with the strip you are getting a half inch yellow and half inch blue flat piece, of which you should really cut the ceter out (because in the center of the strip where the two colors meet they will cure and make little hard spots in a nice smooth putty).


getting them in tubes with the colors separated there is no waste at all - so you are actually getting MORE with a 6 inch TUBE than a 36 inch roll


Now GW's green stuff is cut off of a roll, not in tubes and I don't have the ounce information, but that would be your most expensive route and of your original comparison, Reaper's would be the same price as PSI!


make sense?


debby ^_^


just saw the store, buy the tubes not the strip

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Reaper sells the Kneadatite tube from PSI in the web store, but they only sell blister packs containing 6" of blue/yellow, or 4" of brown/white in brick and mortars.

the 4" brown/white is the roll variety and is more expensive anyway. It is a little different than green stuff...usually referred to as brown stuff and sculpters usually only use it for making weapons or crisp edges of a cloak (that they have first built a foundation of green stuff for) or where they need a little more strength.


For instance...Chaz Elliot used it for the tabbard of Arik (greens section posted on 6/7) and on portions of the hilt of his sword (the cross pieces).


the brown stuff is sandable and green stuff really isn't all that great for sanding.


debby ^_^

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The reaper tube has a lot in it, you get a round tube not a flat strip. Plus the strip has a line where the two compounds meet, allowing for a pre use cure [NOT good] tube allows for both sections to stay seperate.



Unfortunatly PSI did not want to sell to non retailers last time i checked.

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