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Giant foo dog


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I am stumped on how to best color this mini:




The reaper giant foo dog. I want something bright and cheery, especially since it is of Chinese origin. I originally tried it with a blue body, orange mane with red highlights, and yellow face, which is coming nicely but I do not know where to go with it next, color-wise.


Has anyone else painted this critter up who would be willing to share the color scheme used?

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I did mine with an orange body and blue main and tail. gold for the eyes, teeth, etc.

Gold for the details might be nice. I can stick with my blue body, orange/red mane and tail, and yellow face. The gold will look pretty nice, especially if I shade the face with enough different yellows.


I think I will try that.

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Okay, here it is, straight from the old Kara-tur compendium:


Foo dogs are the most frequently encountered species of this

creature. They have short, bush-tipped tails, long floppy ears,

and broad noses. Their fur is typically golden or black, but also

may be white, green, violet, or gray.


Doesn't say much, does it?

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