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That female duelist is absolutely beautiful!!!


I hope they can put out a couple of male figures of the same style as this and the female bard.



The mace head seems a little HUGE compared to the size of the goblin, other than that, not too bad.


The beastman hero is absolutely a beautiful sculpt, even if he wasn't going into my army, I think I would buy him anyways.


When did Leia join the Dwarves? :blink:

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Gene did a wonderful job on the female duelist (she really looks like a swashbuckler). :wub:


Maybe Bryan can post Talin's beautiful rendering of the female duelist that Gene was working from. >*>*>*HINT*<*<*< It's awesome. I saw him working on her at ReaperCon and was there when he was asking Talin some questions. I'm glad to see he was able to work in the frilly sleeves. Thank you Gene!!


He was making the joke that she had so many buckles she seems to have been originally sketched for Klocke!

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I like the shield maidens.


too bad yall didn't get to see the backs, they are cool too.


I voted for helmets on one pose and look, it happened. ::):


thank you Derek, you did a great job, I'll be sure to bring a thank you to GC for you.



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