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Issues fighting reven as Necropolis

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We have foreseen this problem, and in the fullness of time, the solution shall make itself abundantly clear.



Cool, I'm happy to hear that it has been taken into consideration.


Just a follow up question, if the new female Warlord can't use 'Innate: Warcry', can she still spend the points and buy it as a spell (I assume so, but I'm just making sure)?

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I would think so, since it says the spell is available to clerics in an all-Reven army.


I would tend to agree, except that the rulebook also states that Warcry is innate to Orc Leaders in an all-Reven faction. We've now been presented with the idea that each Warlord will have their own set of faction abilities, and Warcry (even as a spell) may be strictly a Varaug-all Reven faction ability.


So I thought I'd ask just to make sure.


On a similar note, I picked up units worth of the Lesser Orcs today, they might not fight as well as their bigger brethren, but they look so awesome I'm going to have to field them. Bought the Captain, Sgt., 6 warriors, and 6 spearmen, I've officially started a Reven army!

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