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Sir Osric, Crimson Knight


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Tried to get a better photo of my reds, these are close, but the shadows are deeper and the highlights more vivid in RL of course...oh well.


Gave him two dark swords, a cool NMM that I've been using for black or obsidian items lately, basically just shadow grey over black, subtle, but gives a nice dark ambience to black.


Here's an 'in and out' shot of the display base:




Made the ruins from plasticard and the base itself from insulation foam and all kinds of flock...here's a shot of just the base



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Great stuff... I anticipate it's the black vs. red that's affecting the color balance and contrast in the piccie.... maybe play with having some other colors in the picture (off to the side) to see if that'll help it out a bit...


Since he's got blood on his face... maybe a nearby victim?



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Likes: the effects on the face... oooo...., the swords (very dark, good shading), the armor (nice colors, good shading, great gold trim), the hair (great shading and highlighting... perfect placement), THE base (wow... amazing work, beautiful!)


Dislikes: the hands (they blend too much into the swords, or the sword colors are too close to the flesh.


When you take a pic, have you tried putting a bottle of red, green, yellow, and blue paint on the sides, then cropping them out? It has worked wonders for me (I got the idea from Anne)


Amazing job... insperational even!

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Thanks ix, still working on it, I think it's my lighting at this point, going to try a recommended technique below.


Thanks Niloc.


Thanks Wren, the trick is to "think small" ::P: I started out with a 2.5" x 2.5" base, then eventually worked it out to 2" x 2" as even the extra half inch round was too much space.


Thanks Lcoldsteal, the back or inside of his hands does look like it blends into the sword a bit, weird angle, doesn't look that way in RL, or if it does, you need a magnifying glass to notice. ^_^ I wanted to stay away from using pure white with his sleeves as I was painting him, the same with the bone and ended up using a strange pinkish brown to basecoat them with instead of my usual dark brown. I worked up through to a warm white from that base and ended up with a nice "coral" type of look, which in the non-washed out real life mini makes an okay contrast between the greenish skin and the pinkish whites and bones. Of course the photo makes it look weird though. :angry::lol:


I will screw around with that idea man for the photography, thank you for it, never occured to me, hope it works.

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