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Moandain + 2 x Malek

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I seem to remember previous people posting that they felt Ashkrypt + Arik was a fairly powerful combination in that you can get 2 offensive Mage spells off in short order.


Just wondering if anyone has pondered the idea of using Moandain and 2 x Malek to fire off 3 fireballs in a turn. Admittedly it seems a pretty expensive prospect but it could be extremely devastating if it worked out.


Perhaps an equally smart combination would be using Ice Shards to kill of a low level leader model and then Scare x 2 times to force low MD models now out of cohesion to retreat. Hard to say whether it would be really effective or not, perhaps in certain situations, but I think your could only do it once or twice before your opponent got wise and kept his unit together to prevent troops from being out of cohesion if they lost their leader.

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Use Malek's Fireball first, and follow with a Moandain Firestorm. Instant Coup de' Flambe. Of course, this is a yet more expensive option.

Since all Combat Actions of the same type (i.e. spell casting) occur at the same time, this won't work. If you have the spell casters in different sections you can do this tho.



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I have a lot of fun with the Danithal/Ardynn/Lysette Fireballs in Triplicate; nothing says loving like mowing down a huge chunk of troops in a turn.


Multiple mages are really good for taking out troops of enemies that have two damage tracks. While the spells themselves are expensive if you can kill more points of enemies than you paid for the spells you're still coming out on top.

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