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Warlord Colorforms

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I was bored and had heard complaints about the need for online-Warlord.


Not being a programming-genius, I did the best I could.


For those of you who grew up before the age of Nintendo, there was a toy called Colorforms, which was nothing but a laminated backdrop on which you could stick bits of cling-plastic in the shapes of your favourite cartoon or book characters to make up pictures or scenes of a story. Often times you got the cling-plastic bits on several cards and could mix-match the characters' tops and bottoms, remove their heads, or even add in speech-balloons.


I've not got that fancy yet, but I have installed a backdrop-chooser and have set the few images of characters with reversed "twins" so you can pose them better. The page only really works in IE5 or higher, and allegedly on Opera. Ye poor Foxfire users won't have much luck with this page.


If any of you want to add your favourite model to the collection, send me a photo of your model against a plain background and I will try my best to add it in. I would also welcome more suggestions for moveable bits of scenery and moveable bits of speech-text.


Anyway.. here it is.


>> Spike's Magical Page of DHTML Wonderment - Ver 2.0 <<



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I dont have a piccy, but a Domur Hunters Moor in my rerpetoire!


k here it is,


blue cloak, tan belt, tan skin, black eyes, grey hair, INCREDIBLE magic power!


forgot to add, the spell book's painted red.


Domur Hunters Moor nukes you away with uhh.. metor strike! no wait, thats FF, uhh. ah, a fireball or whatever.


yeah, Domur Hunters Moor sucks... :down: but when i get him to level 20 in D&D's elemental evil campaign, you're going down! :angry:

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Hmm... I found Reaper's Domur Hunters Moon in their Gallery and I think I can "paint" it using colour-overlay in Photoshop.


Teehee..this will be my first attempt at non-paint-paint on a non-model-model.


It should be easy. After all there's no need to prime, no need to add flow-improver to my paint, no need to clean my brushes and almost no risk of accidentally using white primer instead of clear sealer when I'm done. (yes I know somebody who did that)


Gimme a day or so and I'll see what I can do.




All done!


Welcome to the playground SUN DAGGER'S CUNNING CONJURER!!



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As spike's biggest fan i would suggest that one of you people who have a favorite halfling / hobbit mini sitting around take it's picture and ask her real nice to put it in.





My lizard needs a hobbit to dig out of that bag end-ish place ::D:

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It just occurred to me that I didn't post credits on the page (but I shall)


The halfling hole is a product by Miniature Building Authority (who Reaper proudly supports).


The ruined temple and the orcish tower were both built by my husband Steve Page using brick moulds by HirstArts.


The trees behind the orcish tower are scratch-built, and his instructions for tree-building can be found as a featured article on the Reaper main site in the "The Craft" section.


The trees behind the ruined temple are courtessy of Mother Nature. That photograph was made by forum member Orsino, who now owns the temple. You would be amazed at how many people have asked me where in the U.S. that temple is located. The real trees in the background give the impression that the thing is a full-sized ruin.


All models except for Sun Dagger's Conjurer and Spike's Halforc were painted by the members whose names they are associated with. Spike's Halforc was a gift to me from forum member Vikinglodge.

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