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Warlord Colorforms

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Yea Spike we need a sound track for the colorform battlegrounds.........like drowning pool "bodies" or LOTR music or something. On a side note can you put Urga on the colorforms too he wants to play (I took a new pic of him I think I'm slowly learning to take pics thanks to you and other patient people, I'm an orc so therefore a slo lerna) :B):

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Oh yeah.. we NEEEEEED Urga..and I'm still hoping some other races will join in.


I'll look today for a good MIDI and add it (along with an on/off button) and no I've not forgotten about "BONK' and "BLAM" ...and spell effects.


How y'all feel about animated GIFs? ::D:






hearts.gif------ stars.gif----bam.gif




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This is the greatest thing since my Atari when I was a kid!!


I had soooooooooooooooo much fun with this. (were talking hours - that can't be healthy)


Perhaps there are some necros in the future and I can play even more

*rubs hands together and cackles in dr. evil fashion....mwa-ha-ha-ha*

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Hehe..thanks Dr. J. :)


The offer still stands... send me a pic of somebody you painted or if there isn't one, send me a pic of the model in the gallery and I'll PS-paint it myself as best as I can.


Anyway.. it dawned on me that this same javascript has yet-unexploited applications that all y'all Reaper fans might like... but I gotta keep at least a few li'l surprises saved for rainy (or praps snowy) days.

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Oooh yeah.. send a pic by all means. If you have one of your favourite mini photographed against a fairly plain background, that would be best, though I can try to use almost any pic.


What we need in there is more of the other factions. Where are my Necropolis and Nefsokar homies?

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