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Ghoul or Zombie...Undead Thingy

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I don't remember where this guy comes from anymore. He was in a pack of three, maybe. All I know is the info on his base, and that he's been sitting on my hobby desk half-painted since forever (along with 30-40 other minis).


Since my new monthly resolution is to actually try and -complete- the minis taking up valuable paint pot space on the hobby desk, so I can unpack the other 300-400 minis still in boxes and blisters on the shelves...No, I shan't think about those. Just those on the desk for now. (I'm actually working my way towards a bunch of "primed since forever" Reaper minis, yay. :lol:)


Was sick of the standard rotting green flesh color, tried out a new experiment. The details on this thing are infuriatingly small, and I ended up resorting to a black wash to do a cartoony shading on some parts and called it done.


Bracelet boggled me, not too happy with it, but it's again too small, could only manage a vaguely bronze drybrush. Red gems might have been brighter and more befitting the color scheme, but I was sick of red gems. Hence blue. Or an attempt at blue. The metal dot was so small I could barely dab blue on, then vaguely try to hit the upper half of it with a lighter blue highlight. Surprisingly the gems look kinda ok in the photo, but in reality, not so good.




On to the next mini, woot. 30 minis of mine on the desk, 30 minis of mine...Take one down, swish paint around, 29 minis of mine left to go!


Edit: Oh, and that's a washer base I was trying out. I think it works great. The hardware store guy is gonna look real oddly at me when I visit again to buy up his supply of washers. Hope they don't rust on me.


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That's a very interesting undead color scheme!  I also like the color for his hat & pants.  Do you remember what paints you used?

Which precisely, not really. But I can narrow down the range to a few.


Flesh color: Citadel Hideous Blue, Reaper Pro-Paints Liche Purple and Ice Blue.


I think I added a tinge of purple to the hideous blue, and mixed in ice blue to lighten. I was going on straight ice blue for the top highlights. Shade color is a bit lost in the midsts of time, but I probably did a wash with an intense blue like Citadel Ultramarine blue before layering umpteen flesh layers on top of it.


Hat/Pants: Probably Vallejo Vermilion for the initial shade color. Something dark strongly red anyhow. Basecoat Vallejo German Orange, mostly because I never found a use for the color otherwise. Highlights german orange with increasing white.


Pants had a black wash added to deepen shading before topping off with german orange. (And because I was aiming for the belt for the black wash and it got everywhere and I just decided to leave it smeared all over the pants. :lol:)


Thanks for the comments, all!

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