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just curious but......

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Maybe he's so tough he doesn't need legs?


He's too sexy for his legs!


Eaten by Graboids.


Underground, he wades through the earth to smite his enemies.


He tripped and they fell off.


He suffers from leprosy. He's half the Soultender he used to be.


The moldmaker miscast him but Ron loved the idea so much they went with the miscast.


He's a limited edition mini. He's limited in how much of him exists.


They were amputated after a particularly vicious battle with Spike's Ogre.

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o/` I've got two legs from my hips to the ground

and when I wiggle them, I walk around

And when I lift 'em they go up stairs

and when I shave 'em they ain't go no hairs...


I got two legs from my hips to the *BLAM*


I've got one leg from my hips to the ground.... o/`

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ok was thinkin he was flyer but you never know, sorta reminds me of the spectral knights in City of Heroes (upper body, rest is in smoke)


might have to add cotton or something if I get him, not much a darkspawn person (so far anyways)



Randy M

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I think if I were sculpting this mini (witch would mean i actually had some skills and i wasn't really mooseyjoe) i would have given him some smoky aladin's lamp type ground coverage. I don't especially care for the half-way done look of the model. Then Again there may come a time when i actually see this guy painted on the table and feel the need to run out and buy one myself

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Personally, I think it looks unfinished - but I would rather have that so I can add some smoke effects rather than have the smoke effects sculpted.


However, I really like the look of the top half, and am hoping the sizes will match up well enough that I can meld him with the body of a Krung beast for a centauroid...

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where are his legs??? :blink:::D:


or is he suppose to be like that.



Randy M

Non official fluff - i.e. what went through Chaz's brain when sculpting him - i.e. Reaper peeps let me loose -


Part of my initial discussions with reaper Matt regarding the Darkspawn was their predeliction for pain and how pain and it's encapsulation into pain shards and crystals provided the majority of eldrich power in the culture (and before you ask no i am not receiving any councelling)

Pain and the provision of pain is the basis for their witchery - The more pain inflicted and stored the greater the power -


The Paintenders and their escalation the Soultenders are the embodiment of that premise - the pain they inflict upon themselves is part of their power - They both bond with the Witch Wood in personal ways - with the paintenders the witch wood is symbiotically linked below and above the flesh - each bonding and the level of pain caused is unique to each tender - and each tender takes personal pride in showing off their commiment to their art - hence the elaborate hairstyles which incorporate the Witch Wood - The WW also forms around thier armor providing extra protection and decoration - but most important to a PT is his/her staff - through which the channel and extract pain - pain to control their fodder - and pain to increase their powers - The staff also provides a link (yes it's painful :-) to the rest of the Witches - a sort of meld - to assist in battlefield communication and to share pain if required i.e. damn I'm out of pain, my pain shards are empty and this crusader thinks he can kill me - oi - the rest of you send me some pain - weeeee


Since the soultender is the progression of the Paintenders - a Soultender's pain is more acute - more personal - more obvious - more powerful - the ST I sculpted has therefore amputated his lower body to provide the maximum pain possible - the installation of a large pain shard in his chest stores this pain for his use - his fusing with the Witch Wood is visible - his headress, the eruption on his shoulder, down his left arm and around his chest cavity - All this marks him as a strong and powerful foe and ensures him rank within the Warmark -


For the Darkspawn - no pain no gain has true meaning - (sic)


Hope this explains my brain dribble and helps provide an insight into the sculpts - now back to the Reptus -


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I just don't know what to say...


The Darkspawn just keep getting scarier and scarier... :unsure:


I mean between the story on the Broken Fodder and now the Paintender and the soultender... yer starting to make the Nercos sound like the crusaders compared to the twisted evil of the Darkspawn... ::o:


Judas = Evil light... not evil enough


its just...



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