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Freelance/Merc armies and faction books

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Now that the Necro faction book is out, and hopefully that means we will start seeing more faction books come out on a regular basis, I have a question concerning Freelance armies.


Should freelance armies be allowed to take models that are only in the Faction books? Or should they be restricted to the core rulebook armies only?


What about a Merc army and their Change of Heart SA? Can it be used to get a unit of Necro Deathriders?



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Mercenary/Freelance armies can take any model that they otherwise meet the qualifications for (Alignment restrictions, troop size limits, leader/elite restrictions, etc.).


So yeah, as long as you had no 'good' models you could have a unit of Deathriders in your Merc company.

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My understanding is that Fleelance companies are are great way to build a new army (model by model) and still use them while your force is too small to yet be used on it's own by incorporating them into an existing army.


So I have to say I think it is great for Freelance companies to be able to use Faction Book models. It will continue to help promote the game.


Player A)

'I really want my second army to be Reven because of that new Hill Giant, I can't wait to use that thing'


Player B)

'So buy it and use it with your Necropolis until you get more models'


THis is perhaps the best thing about this game, in my opinion, I think it is fairly easy to introduce players because of this. It's one of the first things I try and mention.

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For shame, Spiritual Exorcist! Freelancers aren't here to act as some kind of poor man's army list. We are the world shakers, bub. Unlike all the true faction devotees, I get to pick from 165 models. I field anything I want or need. I'm the only guy who can drop an entire archer army on the field and have it legal. I can have a Griffon, an Avatar, and a Krungbeast (the trifecta of solos, baby!). Do not doubt the power of the Freelancer, for we are unpredictable and have many weapons within our reach.

But, yeah, if you buy that Hill Giant and want to swing it into action, freelancing it is a great idea. You are so right. I love that element of the game, too. No iron fisted guidelines that drive all the creativity from the game. Fight on!

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freelance is terryfying.


i was thinking about combining elves and Crusaders, getting in the eagle/ elf mage leader/archers/angel/gerrard leading a ton of unforgiven combo of military might.

chezzy, but it would kill just about anything it cornered.


they had freelancers in Dark heaven, the previous reaper game from 4+ years ago. (that's where army packs in the gallerys come from) i would hav a few of my malvernis guys hire out a ton of skelletons from necromancer X, and get in a few monsters and beasts, then go stomping through tilrithia or the mongolash (damn scorpions!) i was always better to mix back then. afteral, we Malvernans were pretty much just bad humans in armor, with a bit more guts than usual.


freelancing is getting the most bang for you buck, wallets and point wise. and a bit devious to boot...


but afterall, if it isn't a bit devious, it isnt' tactics.


go hammer of independance!

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dude, you are insulting the lupines. they are smarter than you think...


if there was a lupine faction, i'd dump all and play them. i am a dog person, and i love werewolf types.


maybe my next army should be mercs....

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