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Thought that this might be appreciated :)


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The only time i've ever actually reponded with something funny to a salesman was a survey thing kept calling for my husband, 5 times in one day. The last time they called this is how it went..


Surveyor: May I speak to Tod Waggoner please?


Me: Who is calling please?


Surveyor: This is so-and-so survey. I just need a moment of his time.


Me: You haven't heard?


Surveyor: Mayam?


Me: He died.


Surveyor: *long paunse of silence, then stammering* I'm sorry mayam *click*


They didn't call back again.

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A friend of mine once actually worked instructing telephone salesmen on how to do their job.

So what he does when they call is the same thing as he did on his job. He has a long conversation with them and takes notes. Then after twenty minutes or so he slowly and patiently ticks of every thing that they did wrong.


Oddly enough they are seldom grateful for this free consultation service :poke:

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