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Fitch Coincatcher


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Well, don't fret yet. We all start somewhere. :poke:


Here, I've given the halfling my standard auto-levels, gradient and unsharp mask in Photoshop. One 'problem' we can observe is that the mini looks slightly dark still. So how should we fix this?


1) Your lighting when taking the photo - now only you know what kind of lighting you took it in, and whether it was making a lot of shadows underneath the cloak, etc.


2) Adding highlights - Your paint and brush control is great. No swerving out of lines or paint blotches anywhere, which is what I tend to splatter all over and have to go back and fix. And I really like the blue eyes on this guy. Now what the camera is telling you is that because the mini is so small, natural highlights aren't good enough for this chap, and you've got to paint in some.


You've got a great basecoat/shade layer right here. Try taking slightly lighter shades of the same colors (mix in a bit of white or yellow tends to do the trick) and going over the mini. Start with drybrushing if you're not sure of placing highlights where light falls, it's not strictly the same but it works well enough. Use lighter and lighter colors and touch smaller and smaller areas until you're barely brushing the most raised bits of the model. Make sure your paint is not too thick.


How much should you highlight? Advice paraphrased from this board is about one or two more stages higher from where you think it looks good.


Try that, take another photo, and see if the difference is visible. ^_^


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