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Hey there gang...I'm the new guy!!

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I can safely say that Spartan may have shown me how to play CAV...but c'mon man...it's not very difficult. Now when it comes to tactics and strategy my teachers were actually my father (taught me chess when I was probably too young) and my uncle Sam, hehehehe. 2 yrs of ROTC before I enlisted and about 12 years spent doing grunt stuff. I know my tactics...I just need to get used to my equipment to know how to best utilize it, hehehe.


And Chris is Kool...(shameless plug)



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"the gladius hispanicus killed more people in war until the advent of the machine Gun"

Ugluk 69, in one of my gamer crowd's debates.


gladius, may you serve the legions with pride!!


here, have a personal ninja servant: :ph34r:

they do really good at stealing from the catering tables at convetions.


BTW, what else do you do besides mechwarrior stuff? are you a general Mech'head (MadCats all the way, bro!) or doth other hobby aspect grab your attention?

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Hi there Gladius! Welcome to the forum.


You ought to give Warlord a try too. It's fast, furious and fun... especially if you play orcs. ::D:


Squad Leader huh? My husband Steven Page (also a forum member) is an old-skool wargamer too. Here lately he's been fiddling with one called Great War At Sea. I bet you two would have alot to talk about.

Reven are ORCS of course they are gonna be furious

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