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Faction SAs in multiplayer games

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My opinion is that both of these powers are fairly weak in comparison to alot of other faction abilities, and I think they should be battlefield wide in any game, including one with more than 2 sides.

I 'll have to disagree SE . If you do that then the Crusader's Mercy SA becomes even less effective and you give even more bonus to the Alliance with the Necros . ::(:

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Mercy is hands down a far more powerful special ability than 'Fear of Undeath', or Sokar is Near; Just my opinion, but why shouldn't everyone on the board suffer from it.


Everyone on the board is Near Undead, whether they are actually fighting them or not, they should be terrified of their presence.


Page 111: 'Few can face the Necropolis without the knowledge that failure and defeat in battle will lead to unlife gnawing at their hearts. This knowledge can sap the courage from even the most hearty foes."


If I'm a Crusader, fighting Reven and Necropolis, and I die at the hands of an Orc sword, I still very well may be raised from the dead at the hands of the Necropolis after the battle concludes.


Damn right I want your Mercy ability on other opponents to be less effective, whether I am allied with them or not, every troop member you steal from them is one I might potentially have to fight. If Undead are ont he board, every mortal on the board should be demoralised by it, if you want to use Mercy to great effect take leaders with Fearless, your DV won't be reduced then (Halbarad, Marcus Gideon, Finari, Lord Ironraven, Duke Gerard, the best options you have wouldn't have their DV reduced anyhow), or take a Battle standard to combat some of the effects.


That being said I can see the argument from your perspective, but from the point of a fellow Crusader player, I disagree, i wouldn't have a problem with the penalty, it's part of the Necro factions special ability.


As for Sokar is Near, it is just silly to think that CPs would not always be lower. If I am fighting the Nefsokar and I cast bandage on one of my troops the CP of my caster is -2, simply because I am on the board with them, it has nothing to do with who I am actually casting the spell at. All CPs on the board should be lowered.

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All Valid Points. We have in the past (During the Tourney at ReaperCon) supported the "Global Faction SA's only work against models targeting, or being targeted by, said Faction."


In BL and BL sponsored games, the BL is free to determine whether these effects are Global, or "Local".


In other games, you and your opponents should decide which route is best.


ABGNI may feel free to add the question to the FAQ list.

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The reven also suffer "Fear of Undeath" , then I'm suppose it cancells out because both Crusader and Reven have -2 Dis .


ALthough if it was a straight 1000 points of Crusaders vs. 500 points of Necros + 500 points of Reven i would suggest that neither NEcros or Reven should get their faction abilities as they are essentially a 1000 point multi-faction force (ALthough if it were say 500 Elves + 500 Crusaders against 500 Necros and 500 Reven I would be a proponent for letting everyone use their faction abilities and for having all faction abilities be 'Global' assuming everyone agreed).


But what I'm talking about is the types of games you and I have been playing while demoing the game, where there are 3-4 sides on the board, and it is entirely a free for all.

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As someone who happens to play both Crusaders and Necropolis I would still say that Fear of Undeath should take effect on all units on the board at all times. It is not nearly as powerful as mercy, pain cage, warcry, sokar is near, bane, or the elves special abilities. The application of this special ability is also not as significant as any of those. With Sokar is Near I also feel that should be applied to everyone on the board, because at some point in the battle those guys are going to be coming for you.


To sum up, I think if either faction is out on the board and is your enemy, then the faction ability should apply.

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