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Rollcall for favorite characters...

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i just want to ask, who is your favorite Reaper Character? as far as fantasy goes, everyone knows Sophie, while a few less know Falco Steelcross, Monique D'Noir, and Gragg Elfslayer. the rest tend to have random support or knowledge.


so, what say ye?



(i'll vote for no one just yet...)


must have NINJAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :ph34r:

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I'm going to have to say, right now today, I pick Greka the orc witch...she reminds me of the witch thing(wots her name) from the Dark Crystal and she is an orc to boot. I don't have the mini yet, but I will and I can't wait to paint her. She will be the first female orc I have ever painted!! :poke:


Varaug for ruler of the Galaxy!!

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Wow, uh, thanks. for those who gave good rich answers, Kudos. that is how you make an opinion worth a damn.


2 good characters are Khong-To and Vaurag:


KT made someone who was stealing flowers from his land, spice flowers mind you, but still, little flowers, listen to a full speech on reptus glory, made him memorize it and repeat it three times, then CUT OFF and ATE the thieves hand, healed him, then sent him back with the message. for stealing flowers! top that for cool sheeters.


also Ol' vaur is a typical 'i want revenge' character, but he's the random orc guy who survived a typical dungeon crawl and now wants justice for it! that my friends is a cool charcater.


as far as others:


Lurgh was abandoned by his mom, and now hates human women for it. the guy is ill adjusted, but it's how wife-beating trogs are made.


Elsabeth Briarkiss is what women aren't supposed to be, but are anyway. "I want everything, I will be the beauty above all, i will have everything, cause i am the laughing sweet princess." think such is cool? try living with one! poor Judas!


Poor Judas especially! notice how half his camp is lookign to betray him! his own love, the wraiths, the damn succubi....

"dude if things ever get to bad, ship your coffin to Craclaw. we could use a good vampire like you..."

then again, with Tough 5, will anyone ever kill him?


one complaint: Ashkrypt. for being the chief honcho of my faction, he is quite the typical powermongering butt slut. ooh, i want power, ooh i'm dead! also, his mini is doing the Brittney Spears hip swinging thing.

sorry, but the Overlords have seven Overlords among them. until the time comes for a better warlord, i shall rely upon my captains....



ONE THING I REALLY ANTED TO KNOW: does any one have any favorates from the old Reaper Charcaters, the ones we have all seemed to forgotten?

can anyone tell me who Jade of the Veils is? she had two mini's made for her, as did the Unholy Warrior (who soooo needs to get a cool new mini, and join the Warlord refurbished crowd)


yeah, most of the old mini's had Characters attached to them. not neccesarily deep ones, but were PCs/NPCs nonetheless.


have you had your morning ninja?

:ph34r: "konichiwa, how may i serve you?"

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ONE THING I REALLY WANTED TO KNOW: does any one have any favorates from the old Reaper Charcaters, the ones we have all seemed to forgotten?


that would be more appropriate in the General Fantasy Forum, this is the Warlord General Discussion forum so your target readers are Warlord people.

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sorry for the crossover. if orba sinhain, denelspire, malvernis, the harkir, and plenty of adon references have crossed over (taltos IS in adon, it's a merc nation on the old map south of malvernis. i've invaded it several times) i was wondering if people had double tastes, favorites from BOTH.


err, then again, the warlord PCs are available in common print for discussion.


point taken.


as i have yet to wander of the taltos borders into greater adon, i will instead focus on taltos, and let the post stay


though my :ph34r: stay with me....

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