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Rollcall for favorite characters...

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Sorry to have to tell you this but Neek was swollowed whole by Uru last night. Poor little guy.



Uru, Troll Chief:

Let free by Kong-To and then he choose to stay and continue battling. Leading his fellow trolls with bravery and entering battle with ferocity unlike anything Taltos has seen. The only troll with verbage on his card. Duel wielding giant Picks.

- Soon to be given a mighty KrungBeast to ride into battle - ::D:

Vote Uru.

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Sorry guys, though a overlord by allegiance, i have to pass the largest fuzzy dice award to our man gerrard.


he's what happens when you mix Maximus with Roland. booyah shaka!

he carries an angelic axe.

he fights not for the religious code, but for those who follow it.

he inspires because he fights for the little man

...Drunk in a brothel.

...Led the assault in disheveled wargear.

...Stepped on the damn things chest and pulled out the axe....

...yet he has faith. yeeahh.


he's got one helluva cool story. props to him.

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True dat, homeboy...


i need to play crusaders. give him a GMW and send him into the thick of it.


i must say, overall, character heavy armies seem to be the way to play warlord. funny i was asking earlier about flavor, now i'm almost convinced of their thick utility.


sick hypocryte in theory i am!

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