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Whoa! I spawned my own thread...wierd.



Ugluk, your gonna hate the elves so much more when you start losing your mean-green-men to arrows.


"Don't ask to battle me home boy, what's that?

You wanna battle me boy? Ya better be strapped.

Cause where I'm from, It ain't all about that playin


Now that's what I'm sayin."



being the closest you get to being an actual pimp in taltos, we get the rap award.


From what ive gathered - and my knowledge is infantile, Gangsta rap and pimping rap are two very different things. East Coast tends to sing more about the pimping and that sorta thing - while West coast is all about livin and dying in da hood.

Now its easy to get my point across

Yo listen up, or ya might get lost

Im not a role model, or a Dr Seuss,

Yo, im a Gangsta...

(not really...)



Dwarves - haha, yeah, definately southern classic rock - ZZ Top!

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Gangsta elves are an abomination and must be destroyed......and we Reven are just the ones to do it. And we will do it to the soundtrack of Excaliber with Static X and Rammstien mixed in.......yo!! :poke:


'cause gangsta elves are a terrible thing

we gonna cap em all and take their bling

cut of their heads with a big long knife

and then in da woods there will be less strife

and when da gangsta elves are dead and we done bein mean

Taltos will be better off thanks to da orcs dat is green.....yo yo :B):

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this post needs no execution, we are socializing and having fun witch builds up the strength and "togetherness" of the reaper community ( actually I guess I'm just trying to justify my love of random forumness ).


I think necropolis definately go with the rave techno industrial death-mettle rock thing. Like that club in the matrix. I can just see judas and all his dead-friends going crazy in the courtroom while guantfield danced in front of the strobe light.


i think reptus definately listen to the gorillas. They are between the rap and rock crowds.


you gotta love the gorillas.

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but others have requiems also. it's a general latin term for a death song.


There is a piece called Requiem for a Lost Child. it would do great for the darkspawn. if you can sit through listening to that and not have a few chills (if you are not weeping and have acquired insanity) when you are done, you will have gained my respect...


we Overlords need the Star Wars: ROTS soundtrack. it is imperial and tragic and dark. also add in Danzig's Black Ariah and the Uruk Hai theme from LOTR:TTT.


(sorry, but with that much tyrannical discipline, those boys would be Overlords...)


the Overlords need Helghast troopers. Bad.


maybe i should add glowing eyes to my Black Legion....

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I always imagined Dwarves being into classic rock, or Southern rock (i.e. Lynnard Skynnard or Black Crows).  Maybe it's because I've been around alot of drunk bearded blokes who like that kind of stuff, or maybe it's just because I've been hanging around Unglef.

Actually, Spike, the song that always plays in my head radio whien I'm playing Warlord is "Brothers in Arms" by Dire Straits.

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