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Taking down the solos

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I'm looking for a consensus on the best tactics to take down tough solos. When fielding the crusaders I find it fairly difficult to take down the DV 12+ units that come innate with the Reptus and Reven. I was wondering if anyone had a good way to take down those such as Uru, the Krungbeast, the River Trolls, and the big bloody evil demon from the darkspawn, without putting valandil on the board.


Also, as a side note, I also have a hard time using crusaders archers. I have a hard time justifying putting them on the board when I can throw two ironspines in their place. Is there a trick to them I'm missing, or do I just have archers as awful as the Nefsokar?


One day when Crusaders have calvary, I will be past these problems.

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trick to solos is to gang up on them. once you wound them once or twice they are done-for. All those support bonuses can make it really tough to be a krungbeast.



hopefully lostpict will get on here and give you some tactics, he has yet to allow a krungbeast to live for an entire game


I'm not even sure he has allowed the krungbeast to kill his own weight in enemy points.


Poor Poor krung beast

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The best way to knock down the bigger models is to combine attack types - Magic, Missile, Melee in the same turn if possible, to prevent healing. Since damage for each type occurs after the attack, you can hit a monster with say Ice Shards, he loses his damage track. Then attack with ranged combat. Knock it down again. Then move in with your melee troops to try and mop it up on the lower DT and thus lower DV. Leave a man or two out of the final attack, and save his 2nd action for the CdG if you get it down.


That's in an ideal world where you have a troop with everything in it, and they all hit.


A lot also depends on your army strengths. With Reven, you try to soften a big guy up from a distance with your archers. Or, you send in enraged warriors who you know will die to a Defensive Strike, but may knock a DT or two (if you use Hunters) off the big model.


Or send in your own big solo combat beast and duke it out. If you have warmaster, all the better, since you will not only hit him when you attack, but hopefully hit him again when they attack you.


Crusaders do not have great RAV with their archers or a great DV. Take advantage of the SA: Ranger to move them closer to the field of combat and make use of Marksmen and their 24" range. Slowly move them into range if more movement is needed and keep peppering your opponent with fire. As long as they survive, the odds will eventually work in your favor with enough shots (remember Marksmen gives you two shots if you don't move them. Remember too, 10's always hit. Elevation and Volley also increase your effective range, so do not ignore these features as well. With the Marksmen, you can increase the number of attacks per volley and thus increase the radius of the attack (just remember you always need a minimum of 5 models unless you're an elf).

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Krungbeast is best barbequed with an eastern North Carolina vineagar based sauce. Krungbeast is tough so it may require a little meat tenderizing. I recommend using 6 Crimson Knights for the job. Leave the meat skewered on the swords and place him on a hickory fire for 8 hours, remember to baste often and keep slowly turning him over the coals. This makes an excellent main course for pulled or sliced BBQ. I suggest you accompany him with hushpuppies, coleslaw, and maybe some reptus brunswick stew. Serves an infinite number of undead (since we don't eat) ::D:


If you perfer krungbeast sushi, I suggest you use a RONCO Bonehorror to prepare your meal. In 3 quick turns the Bonehorror will slice and dice the Krungbeast. You then apply a liberal quantity of wasabe and reptus pate. Remember sushi should always be served fresh. If you cannot eat it all in one setting, promptly refrigerate. ::P:


Yum! Yum!


Lost Pict

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Another option for solos is to kill everything else first.


One can spend a lot of firepower on a tough solo and not bring it down. Then it gets Cured and you're right back where you started, except while you were throwing away entire activations of troops, your enemy was whacking your soldiers.


But if the other guy is out of troops and just has the solo, you have good shot at killing him.



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actually i am drinking the last cheerwine right now and I think it tastes more like a cherry doctor pepper.









By the way misplacedpict, those minis aren't here yet. And I am finally going to paint that forest dragon you gave me all those years ago

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Do we have the spirit here? yeeas! my bruthas, i feel the power of bah-beQue!


solo's? mage them to death. mages have CP modifiers in the 5-8 department, unlike warriors that have 1-5. DV and MD look the same numerically, asane MD is usualyy 1-2 pts higher. big deal. spell your enemies to death.


(y'know, ashkrypt might be fun to take for a spin...BBQ centaur, BBQ orge...)

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