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Good in what way? As an army it good, I've won with it I've lost with. Fluff wise I think it's great and characterful. Mini's great. I like 'em. But what are you looking for?


Generic Answer to Generic Question


Yes, they are :;):

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They have some excellent grunts! The Tomb Guards are IMHO the best grunt in the game. The anubis guards are no slouches either.

The spellcasters seem decent, the cleric probably better than the mage, and some of their leaders are very very good.

They lack in the ranged department, having only average archers. I plan on starting Nefsokar when the new Clear Blue Reaper Master Paint hits the stores. ^_^

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Erm . . . I am biased.


But yeah, you can't beat The Avatar of Sekhmet (Best Solo in the Game, IMHO)!


Overall, Sokar is Near will win you battle against Magic Heavy Armies, but won't help you as much against the more ranged and melee focused ones.


Cross the River of Death will help you get your slower models that you deploy in the back of your forces to the front, when you use ranger and speed to throw your men out there.


I never worried about dying, it meant more places I could send the Avatar . . .

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Yo, Nek-man...


are they any good? well, you've picked up their banner forum wise. join the party.


i say they have on average the best discipline and the most generally pro military faction abilities. i would have gone keksofar were it not for the fact i'd be tempted to buy the mini's then convert them for VOR. that, and i usually play the desert fanatics of a military god.


if you want to slay darkspawn, accept no substitute, use the Coming of Sokar to ruin their spellcasting (on top of other special defensive items) while piling in dervishes and anubis guards versus their heavier threats, acocompanied by hero X. :ph34r: or send in the ninja. :ph34r:


if you wan to play a faction, never mind about min-maxing. learn how to win with what you have. it does better for you in the long run...

combat tactics, mr. ryan.


if you wanna cheeze out, just shut up and buy a bunch of necropolis gargyoles, wraiths, and cavalry. top it off with the 2 vampires and a few ghost magi and you are golden. or play darkspawn and play mostly demons...

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I think its good army, but they have one bad thing- their Defense Value [except tomb guards and avatar ^_^ ] I probally have their starter for a few days, and in rest i begin to play in Warlord ^_^



My first post- please don't hurt me ^_^


P.S 2

Sorry for my English, I'm Polish

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If you are into the models and painting, the Egyptian theme colors look great on the battlefield of sand. The models sculpts are diverse (undead, statues, humans). The mix of undead and Khamsin plus the fluff makes the faction interesting.


I love both faction abilities. Everyone hates the CP -2. Having a Warlord and Sgt with Cleric spells is cool. I never deploy without Tariq and always have the Avatar in large battles.


If you want strong magic resistance and discipline, its your faction. I am biased.


- de

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Spend a few points and get your spellcasters Greater Magic Armor, as they will be "arrow magnets" otherwise. don't hesitate to buy several "Bless" spells, and let Fatima use them early to help the otherwise mediocre archers. It's an automatic success for her, and can be real good "game opener".


Tomb guards are very good infantry.

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Are the Drakspawn cheezy? they have the coolest faction ability, in my opinion, though enrage and mercy are both really cool. they have the most power models you can have in the troop. demons and monters and magi oh my!


no, they are'nt cheezy, but they are the army type that draws the cheeze, but less so than Necropolis. i have a tactic on paper called spectral storm that is guaranteed to raise hell--statistcally--vs. 80 percent of melle armies. it is not cheeze, but if you toss enough grave horrors and bone horrors it gets to be a frwaky force to oppose, in other words...cheezy.

but more like a tasty cheeze than a wang cheeze.


then again, maybe i should have some cheeze with my whine...


Michi, worry not bro, you are in one of the most humane forums on the planet, thanks to the awesome reaper crew. cool to see the europeans on this forum, i myself am polish (though i speak not a word of the tounge)(as is the most beautiful woman in the world--too bad she doesn't speak to me save on blue moons!) though as far as culture i am americanized, but leaning toward asian traveler for life. even the wierd among us are considered cool here. trust me, you are doin' fine.

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Tomb Guards are good. I agree on stocking up on Bless'es, keep a cleric with your archers and don't take a lot of them - you're still spending 40+ points each and that's a lot for what you get (especially when you compare them to what Elves get for only a few points more). Use Ranger move if you've got cover in an appropriate position, and if you run Khufu/Fatima then Bless/Part can get you both range and RAV-boost.


Dervishes - DV is mediocre but you've got two attacks at 2 MAV each, for 30ish points. These are your ninja asassains. Keep them in cover until they're ready to jump on somebody and cut them down. Never ever double-move them into base or Cross Death's River then base, giving an opponent first attack on them is wasting all their strengths. Use them agressively and proactively to take down key targets.


Awakened - your cheap fodder. Tie up enemy troops with them, hunt archers, etc.


Tomb Guards - Your key troops. These should be the core of your army. Stats-wise they're identical to Templar Knights, and everybody knows how much trouble those are.


Herdsmen - Your reserve. Keep them in the middle and slightly back, use CDR to get them into Reach support range of your Dervishes/TombGuard/Awakened strike units. With their low DV and lack of Tough you'll go through them quickly, don't be afraid to use this to place CDR tokens for the next wave.


Anubis Guard - I can't see these guys in play outside of larger games where you'll need a small "shock troops" unit. Or you can drop a couple into each unit as stiffeners. Yes, MAV-3 is nasty, but for only a point more you can get the much more surviveable Tomb Guards, and who uses Breaker these days anyway?


Elites & Solos:


Reborn: About as expensive as two Tomb Guards, and about as capable. And fills an Elite slot that could be put to better use. On the other claw, he does make a good bodyguard for Fatima, Netikirti, or your Rangers. If he had a 3 MAV I'd be much more impressed.


Avatar of Sekhmet: Your only Solo. And, as Bryan said, the best solo in the game. This guy is a fricking tank. Your only fear is that your opponent will mob you with stuff and get a few random 10's, or he'll charge you with his own tanker and a few supporting models, in which case you'll do exactly what the Avatar is intended for: Eliminating the tank.


Fatima: Best. Cleric. EVAR. I usually take a couple of Bless, a couple Bandage, a couple Hold, and a Part. And Greater Magic Armor. She needs it desperately. So do a LOT of Nefsokar characters.


Netikirti: An OK mage. But then, I'm used to playing with The Witch Queen. So I may be biased. Still, she can chuck fireballs with the rest of 'em. You might want to stock up on Greater Magic Armor and Magical Empowerments for her.




Mi-Sher: A lovely mini. Deeply disappointed by the 8 DV, would it have hurt to give her a 9 and up the price to 70 or so? She works best with the Dervishes, being that she is one, so put her with them and treat her the same as you do them. Don't forget Greater Magic Armor.


Tariq: A fine sergreant to stick with your archers or herdsmen, so he can drop the occasional well-timed Bless. Don't bother buying other spells for him. He also makes a good bodyguard for the archers, to take out deep-striking enemy units trying to tie them up.


Chosen of Sokar: Well, he's cheap, if you want someone to take a few small units to stack the initiative deck with. Otherwise I'm unimpressed.


Nakhti: A decent fellow. Like the Chosen, uninspiring, but decent. Don't worry about buffing him unless you're sure you've got the points to spare, put him with The Awakened and use him to lead them on your forward sweeps. Expendable.


Khadath: Now, here's the real deal. Everything Nakhti can do, Khadath can do more of and better. This is the guy to put with your Tomb Guards, if they're not with Khufu. And if they are, you're either not running enough troops to need Nakhti, or you're 2000+ points and can run two troops of Tomb Guards. Do So.


Khufu: Zounds, but this guy Kicks butt. The one time I've actually played them he ate Duke Gerard for lunch and spat out the bones. At 255 points plus spells and buffs you'll only be bringing him out for the big games, but when you do, he'll be worth it. If you want to really piss off the other player, field him with Netikirti, Fatima, and 9 Tomb Guard. Do NOT depend on him for your Cleric'ing. When it comes to this, he is your Emergency Backup Cleric. Don't think you can do without Fatima. Khufu is only 2/4 and CP 4, so stock up on Bless and Bandage and don't bother to give him other spells. He's also your only Tactician, so if your strategies depend on the initiative deck, keep him alive and save his Bandages for himself.

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The neksofar tactics! i forgot to add themin my last post.oh well.


05norway, you sound like you have the list down. seeign how the herr' says yes also, i am going to go softie and say, yes, you are cool.


another idea with Dervishes is as the second wave behind a frontal assault of Tomb/Anubis guard, tossing in a great hero and cleric for military support. the initial grud is tomb guard goodness on you enemy's weak spot. next activation, the dervishes pop up and hack things up with their 2 #MA. if blessed they will kill 9-10 DV models with some proficiency.


i love multiple melee attacks. warmaster is a damn cool ability!


ninja assasin dervishes: :ph34r: sorry, got that covered already!

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