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PS - Getting out of close combat with an enemy you can't beat is the best use of CDR. Especially for Dervishes. Rush in, kill a few things, hope you survive the other guy's turn. If he brings up tanks, CDR out of there.


If it didn't preclude a Combat Action, CDR would be incredibly powerful. Drop some Herdsmen or Awakened on the enemy's front line. They die. CDR some Dervishes and Tomb Guards into their place. Proceed to maul and mutilate. Unfortunately this strategy is unworkable because CDR requires an Invoke Special Ability action.


Sokar's Beer - offer some to every enemy spellcaster out there. :) The Dwarves love this stuff - it makes a great bribe if you want them to ally with you, because in general they won't be worrying about spellcasters. If your Reven opponent's constant successes with WarCry annoy, well, orcs like beer as much as dwarves do. Feed them plenty of it before the fight and watch their leaders start to cry. "YOU STUPID RUNTS! GET UP AND FIGHT! IT'S ONLY A FLESH WOUND!" "nnnnnzghhh... sorry, sarge, head hurts... too much beer...."


Don't forget that your own Undead units will not suffer from Fear of Undeath if the Necropolis are on the board. But your Dervishes will. Be careful of that.


Crusaders will hate you forever and ever. Not only do you copy their strength (great melee troops and a great warlord), but you nerf all those clerics. And your best troops are Undead so they can't be Mercy'd, and the only live ones worth Mercy'ing are the Dervishes with their 7 DIS.


Against Elves, make use of cover and CDR and use Tomb Guards as your primary strike force. Your archers suck in comparison to theirs but their DV is low enough that if you can get into range, you can actually hit them decently even without Bless! (Unless they're in cover, that is.)


Reptus: These guys are going to irritate you. Learn to live with it. Their high DV will make them hard to hit, especially with your archers, so you'll have to get in close. This means you HAVE to be the one to make the initial attacks because of that buff they get vs defensive strikes. And with Khong-To having First Strike it's even worse, you just won't GET a defensive strike. Drop a Hold on him, preferably right after he activates, then get in and mob him. Make sure to kill him all the way dead.

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The neksofar tactics! i forgot to add themin my last post.oh well.


05norway, you sound like you have the list down. seeign how the herr' says yes also, i am going to go softie and say, yes, you are cool.


another idea with Dervishes is as the second wave behind a frontal assault of Tomb/Anubis guard, tossing in a great hero and cleric for military support. the initial grud is tomb guard goodness on you enemy's weak spot. next activation, the dervishes pop up and hack things up with their 2 #MA. if blessed they will kill 9-10 DV models with some proficiency.


i love multiple melee attacks. warmaster is a damn cool ability!


ninja assasin dervishes: :ph34r: sorry, got that covered already!

Heh. :)


Yeah, the Dervishes work well as a clean-up unit, too. The only problem with your strategy is that you don't HAVE a 'great hero'. That'll have to wait for the faction book.


Sigh. Please, Reaper, let it be soon...

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Holy Beer of Sokar? :huh::poke:::P::lol::wub:


i would like to have it imported to Craclaw for recreational purposes, if you would please?


how is 450 crowns silver for a wagonload to sample? includes shipping and handling. extra can be paind for insurance (caravan guards)

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Ever sample Dwarven Holy Water?


We had one of their priests in here a few weeks ago for a fight, gave him a sample, and he just smacked his lips and said "Now THAT's how it's SUPPOSED to taste! Blessed Be To Sokar!".


I think he's still chasing after one of those Dervish girls.

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dude, you are cool.


i'd chase Dervish girls too! (tall, thin, and dark = hottie)


(in Gollum voice)


"Give them to me fresh, and wrigling, and you can keep your nasty **** !"



(it was tacky, but i had to. blame this guy -> :ph34r: -(boss, what? what did i do?)

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Dwarven Holy Water

Dwarven Masterdraft Beer


i see no difference.



i am thinking you could rigg the neksofar to be a very efficien theavy assault force, but that you would have to balance it out right...


and take heavies. lots of heavies.


could someone tell me is they plan on adding more humans or more undead in future expansions? the nefsokar are mixed, so i would like to know if i could make an all human force or a better undead/golem force that is not an exclusions party excersize.

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I know that future expansions will include more Living and more Undead models, so an all-living force or an all-undead force could probably be achieved. I do not know yet if there will be an all-living or an all-undead sub-list, but I think as far as having enough models to make it a viable warband choice, I think in the future it could be achieved.

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Look for a magic boost and a mobility boost without resorting to CDR. Heroes of all types. And a little more Evil Inside. Most of Sokar's followers aren't nice guys. You'll be able to make an all-undead force if you so choose, but it will limit you somewhat in the mobility and sustained ranged fire departments.


You won't have camels as cavalry. They're easily smart enough to be trained for war, but they're incredibly stubborn and can't run for as long as horses can. In short, horses are much better overall as war mounts. No chariots either but for other reasons.

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Reaper Wolf is a writer, Emmel Eitch, GoldenEagle, Reaper Matt, Vaitalla, Freefall, and I are also writers for Reaper. Emmel, GE, Matt, Vaitalla, efKelley, Freefall, and I are doing some of the Faction Books, and ReaperWolf, ReaperMatt, and I have written other things for Reaper. Herr Oberfroschmeister is a regular contributor of both how-to articles and fiction.


Additionally, Gwydion Green is one of our sculptors (Jason Wiebe) and Chaz Elliot and Gael Goumon (also sculptors) both make regular appearances.

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