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a last go, if you will:


as far as the nefsokar, what classification would you place the army? many in various wargammes have classified armies: heavy assault, rock hard, shooty.


where in that class would you place the nefsokar?


given the discipline, i'd say "ones that don't run?"


i can see them beign gurellias or beign heavy coordinated assault.


might one call them a balanced list???

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After playing efkelly last weekend, I would put them in the FAST AS H*&L assualt catagory. No other army can get their big hitters in and out of combat like the Dune Monkeys can. CDR is perhaps the nastiest of teh SA's when used by a skilled player. When used hand n' hand with teleport it is just down right dirty.

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Rapid assault is the Sokari way. Their weakness is their sustained ranged fire (or lack thereof). They won't get a lot of help for that in the book either.


All things considered, I think folks will be pleased. I'm not much of a rules writer, but I've got the engineers behind RAGE looking over my shoulder the whole way. In fact, after the initial unit concepts I have very little to do with the actual construction of the new units.

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Reaper Wolf is a writer, Emmel Eitch, GoldenEagle, Reaper Matt, Vaitalla, Freefall, and I are also writers for Reaper. Emmel, GE, Matt, Vaitalla, efKelley, Freefall, and I are doing some of the Faction Books, and ReaperWolf, ReaperMatt, and I have written other things for Reaper. Herr Oberfroschmeister is a regular contributor of both how-to articles and fiction.


Additionally, Gwydion Green is one of our sculptors (Jason Wiebe) and Chaz Elliot and Gael Goumon (also sculptors) both make regular appearances.

Jeez there were more reaper writrs than I realized

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Weeellll....my 9 year old son had kicked my butt again with his Nefsokar, this kid is evil. Without any help he smacked me down hard. I was playin my Crusaders. Netikerti fire balled 2 out of 3 Ivy Crown archers, that Avatar was a walking menace. He killed all 18 of my guys and lost 12 in the process so my answer to Are the Nefsokar any good? I would have to say........oh yea!!! ::(:

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