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When will the faction book ship?


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It's nearly two weeks since Origins ended, and folks there said the necropolis faction book was available. My FLGS says that Alliance still doesn't have it in stock?


Is it in transit, or has it really not gone out the door yet?

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Erion, It shipped Friday, July 8th. An announcement was made in another thread regarding this.


It has been available on our website since Tuesday, July 12th.


Alliance, I know for a fact, placed an order for the product. Alliance would have received the product from us Tuesday or Wednesday.

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Cool.  Must be another case of the declining service at my  FLGS.


If I can't get my order by the end of next week, he'll be losing a(nother) sale to me.

possibly declining service at your FLGS, perhaps it is the distributor or just fact of timing.


As Mick pointed out, Alliance has more than one location. It has been my experience that the last location to receive their copies happens to be the one my FLGS is stocked from. My FLGS does their ordering on Monday/Tuesday. If the distributor doesn't have it when the FLGS orders on Monday/Tuesday then my FLGS has to wait an additional week to acquire the product.


it is not uncommon for things shipped from Reaper on Friday of week one to not appear in my FLGS until Thursday/Friday of week four, sad but not uncommon.


and the fact Reaper uploaded the book to the webstore mere days after shipping to the distributors doesn't help, typically Reaper waits 10-14 days to upload the items to the webstore.


I'm not casting judgement, just pointing out that some places just can't get immediate shipments based on locations and time involved in transit.


think twice before abandoning your FLGS.

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From what Bryan has said the faction books will ship in the following order


A) Necropolis, Reven, Crusader


B) Overlord, Nefsokar, Dwarf


C) Darkspawn, Elf, Reptus


He did not specifically give the order in which the books from A, B, and C will come out, but we know all the books in A will be released, and then the books in B and finally those in C. (Each set, A,B,C, contains an Evil, Neutral and good faction)


So the Elf faction book is honestly quite a ways off, I'd estimate at least a year.


Of course Reaper peeps may be able to correct me or give a much better timeline.

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