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Skeleton Warrior - DHL: 2800


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I haven't done a skeleton figure in a long time - forgot how fun they are. A wonderfully dynamic sculpt from Tim Prow.




Nothing particularly groundbreaking in this piece. It was my first experience using ground pastels to create 'mud/dirt' on the dress-thingy (sorry the technical term escapes me). ::P: I used Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor-Burnt Sienna to create the rusting effects and to create deeper shading on the gold bits.


I was pleased with the flesh tone I got on the severed head. I imagined that this was a trophy from a past encounter rather than a fresh kill. I added a VERY little purple ink to VGC Ghost Grey for a base and added multiple glazes of purple ink/flesh to get a rotting flesh tone.


Comments/suggestions welcomed


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oooh :wub:

Purples! Between you and Lord Coldsteal I want to paint with purple! I agree with him, I'd love to see some different angled shots...

The green gem on the hilt is luminous.

I love the colors and the shading technique. You used ground pastels? What kind of pastels did you use?


Again, just beautiful.



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Jeez, you leave my version of this for dead... I really like the subtle modification to the model, it adds an extra 'laziness' to the skeleton. My only criticism would be that the helmet seems quite a different tone from the rest of the steel.


Otherwise, excellent stuff!



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Thank you for all the kind remarks. I appreciate everyone taking the time to look and comment. Below are a couple requested images (head and booty shots).







LordColdsteal: The bone color is BUSHIDO's recipe. I love the tone he gets - and was gracious enough to divulge his secret here (about half-way down): link


bleujenna: The pastels come from Michael's Craft Store. They were sold in a 4-piece 'earth tone' set. I rub them with a piece of sand paper, then apply the dust using an old, fluffy make-up brush. Dry pure pigments work better but cost an 'arm and a leg'. Since I rarely do this type of weathering, the $1.99 alternative seemed appropriate. ::D:


fet: I love your version of this miniature - it reminded me that I had the mini in my lead-pile and motivated me to paint it up. The helmet is supposed to be black with a NMM silver rim and NMM gold extras. I think my lighting washed out some of the black shading - making it look a bit blah. ::(:


Thanks again


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That's insane that Bushido's out there winning Slayer Swords and using Apple Barrel. LOL!!!!!!!!! That's remarkable.


*Shakes head in utter debafflement* :wacko:


Although I can see how, since those paints are kind of "creamy" and not chalky at all with their whites/bones that you could get some really nice smooth thin layers out of them. I've got certain craft paints that I keep around just because I haven't found anything better, and they are so sparsely pigmented that you can get some nice transitional effects by glazing with them.


Anyways, missed this mini first time round, I thought it was a dipped skeleton so didn't peek at it until tonight, I like the work done on this piece, makes me want to paint him myself although I always thought he had a weird stance, I can see now after he's been painted what's actually going on with the pose.


Thanks for sharing that technique about weathering, I had heard about using pastels and what not for weathering on tanks/buildings, but had no clue how it was done. Great, another reason to spend money on art supplies, just what I needed. ::D:


Beautiful job on a cool mini! And to think it was just another dipped skellie...I gotta check more carefully. :blues:

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