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I now own a huge Reven force, but I needed another army to fight it so I bought pansies....I mean elves (sorry my inner orc took over). Any way I have:

3x Long horns, 3x Breakers, 3x Vale guards, Ardynn D'Narg,6x Vale Archers, Nirodel, Lysette, and Prince Danithal. Any helpful advice for tactics and future purchases would be greatly appreciated. :lol:

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In terms of deployment, I think you'll need Sgt level models. Use some of the character people in that way.


In addition to the Centaurs (I use one, and not very effectively yet, I'm afraid), I'd suggest more straight warriors. The extra bit of DV and a little bit of Tough makes them a slightly more rigid front line for the breakers and longthorns. Also, if you decide to have musicians or standards, the extra defense will help them survive.

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In addition to the Centaurs (I use one, and not very effectively yet, I'm afraid... will help them survive.

I recommend using two centuars in a three prong attack. Move yer main force down the center of the battlefield to attract the attenation of yer enemies then use the speed of the centuars (double mov of 11 = 22) to get them behind yer opponents. Then feather their backsides from a safe distance of 22-24 inches.


The centuars greatest strength is their speed and range, plus they add an extra activation card to the initiative deck (non-unq solo model). And at 58 pts buying multiply models for a 750 pt fighting company won't hurt.


ANd I'm diffinately in agreement on the need of a sgt.

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I plan on playing Elves as my primary force (pansies? i think not!)


In any instance, i try and focus alot on ranged units - and here's my question.


What are the elves better at? CQC or Ranged attacks? what would it be best to focus on?


In a small unti skirmish warfare, id want to have an equal mix - a small group of archers to be sniper's, and some CQC troops for mop-up, or to guard the archers.


honestly, im not familiar as much as id like to be, of the units and tactics of the other forces, and so therefore, this is all a learning experience for me.


In any case - to me, it would seem best to use Personnalities or Special Units for CQC, and standard troops for archers, backed upby a Personnality to lead the unit, and give it a firing boost.

does that seem wise?

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Elves = Pansies , I think not ! ::o:

We had a four way 500 pt battle on the weekend , Necropolis , Crusaders , Reven and I was using Elves . The elves took the treasure after eliminating the opposition with devastating archery and a little luck ! :lol:

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Under the second printing rules Elven Archers = adepts (as do all archer grunts) so at this moment (until we see a Elf faction book) it isn't possible to have an Elven force that strictly concentrates on ranged attackd.


That being said, the first unit I'd put into any army build would be an unit of Elven Archers, and I'd strongly try to get a Centaur into the build as well.

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Elves are better at archery. Most of the special benefits to the elven army is for archery. A three to four inch radius of feathered death is one benefit. Being able to shot into close combat is another. Use a blazer (if you can afford the points for Caerwynn) and hide so that the enemy can't shoot you. Of course, there is the wonderful thing about only 1mm line of sight.


That shooting into close combat thing worked out real well for me. This past weekend, Ardynn was in close combat. I had one of my archers take out his opponent, thereby freeing him up to cast a fireball at advancing archers (and taking out all but 2).


Another thing to have is a wizard with a good CP. I found this to be effective against a force that has a high DV and not necessarily a high MD. Lysette is good for fireballing such opponents.



However, even though elves have such great range attacks, warriors are necessary for running interference if the opponent catches up with you. That way, the archers can fall back and shoot. Having a musician is even better. Some, but not many things can keep up with elves with 7 inch movement.

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