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I actually played the Elves last night and did pretty good against the Crusaders of all things.

To tell the truth, the Crusaders made a tactical error and allowed me to shoot down the Battle Nuns. Also Ironraven (with his 'Big' Special Ability) stuck out pretty good.

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Also, if you are curious about fellow elf players in your geographic region, make sure you register on www.warlordhq.com


When you register, you will be assigned to the region of Taltos that corresponds to your geographic location in RL. Check out your region, it will show you all the players within a certain mile radius of you, and what faction is their primary faction.


As ixminis said, also try and catch Goldeneagle on. He's the resident elf nut. There are quite a few more threads on tactics with the elves than the two I posted earlier. An easy way to look would be to do a search in the Warlord: Factions & Tactics forum for "elves" and start from there.

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Heh, you merged it the wrong way Kelly ::D:

Send it into Factions and Tactics, not take the topic from Factions and Tactics and send it to the general list :poke:



Now, I'm just waiting for the ethereal boot to appear behind my chair and give me a swift kick in the rear. ^_^

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