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Heh, you merged it the wrong way Kelly ::D:

Send it into Factions and Tactics, not take the topic from Factions and Tactics and send it to the general list :poke:



Now, I'm just waiting for the ethereal boot to appear behind my chair and give me a swift kick in the rear. ^_^





Good thing I've never claimed perfection... ::P:

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Top Posters In This Topic

Well, im set up for my first game tomorrow -

750 pts - 3 players, Myself, Ugluk (whose fielding Reven), and Matsumoto (With his group of Malvernis Overlords)


unfortunately for me, the only Leader model i have at my disposal was Danithal - there goes a chunk of my points, and im automatically gonna be small in the Troop Number dept. so, i scaled everything up a bit.


First off, the background...

This force is a scouting party, led by Danithal himself, to gain some intel on the hostile forces of the region - who they are, what they are doing, etc. so the force is small so it can travel faster with less disturbance.


Troop one contains Prince Danithal, complet with Greater Magic Armor, and Greater Magic Weapon - making him a force to be reckoned with.

Second is Niriodel - with only two spells, a Bandage, and a Bless.

Accompanying them is a six strong force of Vale Archers


Troop two is composed of one Centaur, with a Greater Accuracy Upgrade.


All together its 749 pts (unless my math is wrong).


I plan on sticking to the shadows, not making myself a high priority target. if i do get into trouble, ill shower arrows on my foes (gotta love Elven Volley Fire rules), and pick the rest off while i flee. not very heroic, but hey, this is a reconasaince mission, not a matter of life and death!

Hopefully the Reven and Overlords will take good chunks out of each other before i have to fight either - unless they team up on me. if that happens, thank god i got my runnin' shoes on! ^_^


Ill let you know how it turns out - lets hope this force functions as good as it sounds - cause every plan looks good on paper...

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