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Hey, all! Been a while since I've been on here. ^_^


Been playing Warcraft a bunch, and I suddenly got the urge to start converting some Orc minis based on the Horde. Here's my attempt:






Tried to make a sorta "Grunt" Orc Warlord, and I think the shoulders and the harness does help give the "Warcraft" look to it. However, the helm and the sword kinda strays from it... :poke:






Here's the rogue. Anyone who plays World of Warcraft, and is a Rogue (usually Alliance) should know what a Defias is. Hehe, I liked the look so much on my orc toon, I decided to convert one. ::D:






Here's the "Hunter". I liked how the beard came out, but I got no clue how to paint realistic blood, so some help there would be cool. :poke:




Here's the banner dude. Tried my best to freehand the Warcraft Horde symbol. Came out pretty nice, but the shaded red seems kinda messy. How do you usually shade red? :huh:




Here's the last and least of the bunch, a regular Orc warrior. Non-converted, but the tatooes seem to help... slightly...


Well, that's about all of them so far. I got a few more coming, one of them being an "Asian" bunch of Orc farmers with straw hats and asian-looking weapons. Hmmm... might convert me a "Samurai"-style Blademaster for them, but no idea how. ^_^

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Very nice, I love the Defias bandana over the rogues lower face, that looks good. The Horde free hand looks awsome. And the blood on the Hunter's axe looks pretty convincing, not so much on the dagger (maybe it's just me) but overall great job. Heh, i have always prefered Warcraft orcs to any other, makes'em less of bad guys, what with the honor and all.

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Nice, the first guy really captures the feel of the Orc Warrior. The orc Rogue is good as well. The hunter definately should have had a bow or gun though, and a pet would have been cool. The only thing I would recommend would be tabards out of green stuff for all of them! That would really unify the guild...erm...I mean unit quite well. :poke:


I got so attached with my toon before I cancelled my account, I seriously thought about sculpting a green of her, undead warrior, but my gear changed so much I couldn't ever settle into what I should sculpt her wearing, I had some pretty high end stuff, all blue and purple, but was always upgrading still...every week it seems she looked totally different. Not to mention the full Pirate costume I had for her...man that was a fun game, too bad it also sucked so bad with all of the issues, cancelled right after they introduced the honor system...I was the lGuild Master of the largest Horde Guild on my server (Uldum) too, that game seriously had me emotionally tied to it. I can't believe how wrapped up I got in it. :angry: I'll be back for WoW 2 though!


Anyways, regarding shading reds, I usually use a sort of purple mixed in with a dark red for the shades, then start highlighting again with the dark red and back up to a brighter red. Cool minis, thanks for reminding of what I fun time I had with that game, I miss the people, but don't miss the sucking of my soul out of my body and into my computer monitor. *takes a deep breath* good to have my life back again at least. ^_^

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Thanks all! ^_^


The asian test-model orc is almost done. Got me a shaman converted and finished too, but still gotta take the pic.


Hey, do you have any ideas as to how to convert an Orc to look like Grom Hellscream? Or maybe the Blademaster Samurai-orc?

I dunno how to make a Katana... ::(:




Vallejo Smoke thinned with Future Floor Finish makes one of the best bone effect I've EVER seen. ::D:

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Instead of making Katana, you might look into buying a bag of "Samurai Dwarves" from Old Glory Miniatures and just using the Katana from them. They come 6 minis to a bag, and here they cost $6.00! Pretty good deal, you can just clip them off and attach them. Would make a good Assasination Blade.

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