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How Many Factions

Any Point size, just asking how many you could realistically field or intend to be able to field by, say, end of 2005.  

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  1. 1. Any Point size, just asking how many you could realistically field or intend to be able to field by, say, end of 2005.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Care if I tack on: Why did you choose the factions you did?


3 factions.


Reptus: Brute force/High Armer and the warlord was beautiful.


Elves: A good counter to the strategies I use for Reptus, Long range and I love archers in this game. I could also proxy them for darkspawn :)


Darkspawn: Demons + Evil Elves just make a badass faction. I decided on them before all others, before any models were even released.

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I can put together a large Overlord army, a mediocre Reven and a mediocre Nefsokar. I'd love to put together another army or two, but Cher says I have to paint what I've got first. :B):


The house also has Dwarves and Elves.


We have token forces for our demos, which we can do for 6 forces. 7 as soon as the Isiri archers are available.



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Before adding spells or equipment I can currently field the following fully painted armies:


2500 point Necro army

2000 point Reven army

1000 point Crusader army


I have half armies for Mercs & Elves. By the end of 2005, I should be able to field a full Elf army, and either Dwarves are Nefsokar.


By the end of 2006, I plan to be able to field at least a 1500 point army for every faction. ^_^


*note: All point totals above are for fully painted minis, and don't count spells/equipment. I keep the total number of unpainted minis I own to a max of 12, so I can't field much more unpainted. :wow:

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Well, big shock, the Reven are my primary army, and I have enough pewter to run several thousand points worth of figures. I guess I will sort of have two armies of these once the faction book comes out, since I will be going the way of the Goblins.


Overlords, I probably have enough now to run about a 500-750 point army, but I should really flesh out the grunts if I want to survive, or field anything bigger. Granted, I would also have to open the blisters to achieve this :)


Dwarves, I have all the leader models and elites. I need grunts though. If I had the time and speed to paint my all Reven before 2005 end, the dwarves would definitely be next. Again, started collecting these as RPG pieces initially.


I have a few packs of Reptus grunts and one of the leader/elite models, I cannot remember. I doubt I would be fielding an army of these before the year ends though.


I have no Darkspawn and no Necropolis models period.

I have one Nefsokar - Tariq, because he was a speed paint figure ::D:

I have one Razig - Dark Maiden, because she is beautiful.

I have maybe one or 2 Elves. I doubt I will field an army of them for personal use.

I have a handful of the Crusader leaders and elites, but no grunts. I got most of them originally for AD&D characters or because they looked cool. Ditto for the Mercenary figures I have.


I like some of the newer Necro sculpts, but would probably not get enough to field an army, not for a loooooong time.

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i'll tack on my choices too:


Overlord: (i play a bunch of converted over DHA guys from malvernis, so this really doesn't count.) melee heavy and full of mook soldiers.

*presently, my only faction*


Crusaders: everyone says i should play this, as i am the fan of armored heroes. (they might add that i 'am born to be a hellfire preacher and am in the wrong job.') however, i really do not like their archers. and some of the characters could be better sculpts (conversions?) or have tougher stats.

*next in line. Ugluk69, the money is here friday*


Reptus; best looking lizards in any game i've seen yet! that, and they are to Warlord what dwarves are to Warhammer: tough, rough, and mean!


Mercs: because Orba is m'man, and they have the Lupines. i'd do these for art's sake, and they would look GOOOD!!!!


Nefsokar: rapid assault, as recent enlightenment sayeth. that, and i love egyptian culture flavor, and prefer the desert to the arctic waste...


what will i actually have? err, i'll get to that...


i so need a raise...

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If you include CAV (based on CAV2) armies into this then I would say 6: 5 CAV and 1 Warlord. But then again, I am really just now getting into Warlord from CAV. Ask me again in 6 months and I am sure those numbers would be radically different.

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Over 2000 pts of Crusaders and Necropolis, and over 1500 pts of Dwarves and Reven. Probaly closer to 3000, but I haven't counted them up in a while..... This doesn't count spells.




Reptus - Primes and ready for paint. Includes an extra Warlord and Cleric modified into Capt and Sgt.


Have minis for - Elf and Razig


Hope to have at lest two of the unpainted ones done by the end of the year.



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My army is mostly Necropolis, with a pretty hefty dose of Nefsokar and Overlords. I put myself down for 2 factions, although I don't know yet if the second one after Necropolis is going to be the Overlords or the Nefsokar, on the theory that before the year is up I'm probably going to have a pretty complete second faction army.

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I started out with the deluxe box set , Crusaders and Necropolis . Then some Mercs and Reven , next Elves and Nekfosar and hopefully later this year I'll get some Dwarves . I just love minis and painting them , if I didn't have to work I'd just paint and play games all day . ::D:

I like all the above factions , though for favorite it would have to be Crusaders , I just like them!!! :wacko:

Best results have been with Reven though , maybe I'm Orcy at heart , I've got over 6000 pts of 40K Space Orks and went undefeated for 2.5 years with a 42 -2-0 record at club and tourneys with them . ::o:

I've got at least 1000pts in all the above factions , but everything for Crusaders and Reven . I like a lot of variety , maybe I'm crazy :wacko::wacko: but I can't help myself when it comes to minis ( got to buy new shiney thingy , must resist , must not spend money ...... Oh what the heck , you only live once ) :lol:

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