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Fall 2005 Reaper Mini Exchange

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Well, since no-one seems to have objected to me organising the next mini exchange i'll volunteer and get the ball started.


Please don't be intimidated, we all know some of us are better painters than others. But the exchange is first and foremost about promoting the hobby of painting and collecting minis, and everyone of all skill levels should feel welcome enough to have a go. I personally love to use this opportunity to challenge myself to paint a mini to the best of my abilities, and thereby I hope to learn alot from the process. At the same time, painters who are just beginning can learn a vast amount about techniques simply by studying a miniature they recieve.


I'm putting forward the following date, sign up deadline will be August 15th, with me getting assignments out to everyone a day or two afterwards.


The deadline for finishing painting and having your exchange mini in the mail will be November 15th, which should be early enough to avoid the craziness of Postal systems around X-mas time.


If you are interested PM me with the following information:


First and Last Names

Full Address

Whether or not you are willing to ship internationally: Yes or No

What type of mini you would like: Sci-Fi, Fantasy (I won't make any garuantees, but if you specify Warlord, CAV, or Dark Heaven I will pass that information along as well)

**Edit, if you have a painting preference feel free to let me know that as well.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I have the following people signed up so far for the Fall 2005 mini exchange, I will continue to update this list as more people sign up (should be updating it daily, so if you PM me and your name doesn't pop up after a couple of days let me know):


Last updated August 15th, 2005 (keeping in mind I'm a 18-15 hours ahead of you guys in the states)




Herr Oberfroshmeister

Rastl Deeperdown








Sergeant Crush




Dragon Snack *** The man is a true trooper, 3 mini exchanges without a mini and he signs up for a 4th! We'll make sure you get something this time. In fact I'll make sure everyone gets something even if I have to paint half a dozen minis myself (Shouldn't come to that though, hopefully everyone will come through for their recipient).















Ghost Rider



Deus Omega







Dilvish the Deliverer












dog soldier







Current number of participants: 57 (You could be #58! Yes I'm talking to you...unless you've already signed up.)


I'm posting this here instead of sending out individual PMs confirming that I've recieved your PM expressing interest in being included.


Still room for plenty plenty more, but I think we're off to an OK start, I was worried it wasn't going to take off.


Anyone still sitting there mulling over whether or not to be included, theres nothing to fear!

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Just a quick note to everyone, I forgot to mention (simply because most peoples are already aware) that we prefer people paint up Reaper miniatures, they are giving us the wonderful resouce that is this forum, so its only fair that the 'Fall 2005 Reaper Mini exchange' require the participants to exchange Reaper minis (if there are any problems regarding this please PM me).

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Dragon Snack *** The man is a true trooper, 3 mini exchanges without a mini and he signs up for a 4th!



To set the record straight, LSH and Flynn did paint minis for me when my "partners" didn't come through, so I did get minis for those exchanges.


Apparently my "partner" for the last one hasn't fallen off the face of the earth either, so there's still hope for that one too...


But it is true that I have yet to receive a mini from the person origionally slated to paint for me.

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Well kudos to those people for stepping up and filling in, I know a few drop-outs is likely inevitable, but 3 times is bad luck. I've got a few volunteers + myself to fill in any mishaps that occur so we'll try our best and I can garuantee that everyone will get a mini.



Hi I'm in but I'm new so bear with me. This seems like a pretty cool idea though.


No worries my friend, the mini exchange is about learning and trying new things, if you, or anyone else, are extremely new to painting there are alot of little things you can do to make sure you put out a quality no matter what your painting skills (Just from my experiences):


1) Clean all of the mold lines off of the mini, whether you use a small file or a knife or what-not, this goes a long long way to making the difference between a fun to display mini or not, no matter what the skill of the painter involved.


2) I'd recommend everyone prime their miniature, if You havn't used primer before you should take this upon yourself as an excellent learning experience as it is almost essential to ensuring a decent paintjob (if you have any questions about it feel free to ask).


3) Think about what you want to do with the mini before you paint it; having a plan before you paint (even just a general paint scheme) often gives a mini alot of coherency. I know even my best attempts go awry if I paint without at least a rough idea of what I want the finished product to look like.


4) Try your best, and have fun.


Everyone is welcome to join, and everyone who joins knows there is a vast variety of painting abilities and styles involved, no-one should feel intimidated about joining or participating, because no-one expects to get a Golden Demon winning paint job. The coolest part about getting an exchange mini is to see something that you know someone put effort into just for you ::D:

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Only stupid questions are the ones you do not ask...


You send in your PM to Spiritual_exorcist with all your information by August 15th.

You will receive your assigned recipient several days after August 15.


In the PM, you will be given their name, address, type of figure they would like.


You have until November 15 to paint a figure for your assigned recipient, which you then ship to that person.


You should receive your own figure from someone assigned to paint for you, some time around November 15th as well. Usually within a week or two tops depending on where it is being mailed from.


Some people are crazy fast and send one out right away.

Some like to go to the post office on November 15th and mail it out then.

On a few occasions, people have been late, or been unable to continue for whatever reason. If you are going to be late, it's considerate to let your recipient know you still intend to finish, but may need an extra couple days or week. It just avoids them thinking they are not getting anything. If you cannot complete the assignment, for whatever reason, you should notify the organizer ASAP so a replacement painter can be assigned. This is often the organizer themself, so be considerate and do not commit if you think you will not be able to finish. Obviously sometimes RL comes up and bites you in the arse, hard. That's understandable. Just try to let folks know when you can so no one is left hanging, and hopefully whatever is going on in the real world will also work itself out for you.


It's a great opportunity to share with your fellow painters. Definitely participate if you can. It's so much fun to get a mini in the mail that someone painted JUST FOR YOU ::D: People will often try to pick a figure based on what they know of their recipient from their posts on the boards. Sometimes you paint something just because it's cool or have always wanted to try this. It's a great reason to experiment and try something new.

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Speaking of stepping up and filling in, I'd like to volunteer to help paint one or two minis, if anyone's partner can't make the exchange, for whatever reason. Just PM me, spiritual_exorcist.


I don't want to join the exchange proper this time around, as I'm going to moving during that time, and a parcel coming dunno-when and getting lost dunno-where would be stressful. But doing a simple paint-and-post should be quite easy if the mini's all done beforehand. And it'll make me paint more. :B):

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15 days left to sign up, and i'm getting pretty optimistic that we could possibly get 50 participants (I have no idea how many were involved int he last few but my goal was to get 20 people and we've exceeded that already).


So I'm hoping all of you involved can get out there and promote this exchange for me, drop word, or announcement with a link to this thread on other painting, modeling, and gaming boards for me. Ask your friends that paint but don't have a presence here at the Reaper forum to come check it out and get involved, I don't want to spam people with it, I just want to let as many people as we can know about the exchange.


Thanks for your help and your support guys, I've had alot of kind words relating to my volunteering to organise this, and for that thanks.


Anyway, I look forward to any future sign-ups so get out there and drop a message or two for me, lets see if we can hit the 50 mark.


Here's a premade plug ::D:


Reapers Fall 2005 mini exchange is upon us I'd invite anyone who is interested to check out the following thread:




Please don't be intimidated, painters of any skill level are welcome to join. This mini exchange is about promoting the hobby of painting, challenging yourself to put forward the best paint job you can and hopefully learning something new in the process, and most of all having fun.


The mini exchange is a blind exchange, meaning I'll match up the painter and recipient blindly so that no-one knows who they are painting for or what they are recieving until they get it.


The only stipulation is that you paint a Reaper mini, and that you finish painting and have your mini in the mail by the deadline of November 15th (I'm hoping that way we avoid the chaos of X-mas shipping season). I'll close sign-up on the 15th of August and send out assignments shortly there after.

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