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Fall 2005 Reaper Mini Exchange

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There is another photo updated to the Reaper Mini Exchange gallery at displaced mini's, this time by Sergeant Crunch, but I'm not sure who received it And I just added Skavenbabe's mini.





I still can't get the link to work correctly, but there is the whole URL, you just have to join the two bits together

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Alright, sorry about the hiatus as of late, I've been busy (God moving takes forever , took use a day to move, and weeks to unpack...the wife needs to stop buying furniture at Ikea, I'm sick of putting it together).


OK, if you havn't mailed your mini yet, and you havn't contacted your partner yet please do so and let them know that it is late, but that you do intend to send it. This will hopefully relieve any anxiety people might have.


Anyway, here is what I will do, at the end of the month I will ask for eveyone who hasn't heard from their partner or gotten a mini to PM me, at that time I will contact everyones partner to let me know whether or not they still intend to fuilfill their commitment. Once I know the status of everyone I can find out if I have any drop-outs (i've had a couple already, but I've made arrangements for these), and I will be able to make sure everyone gets something (via me or proxy painters).


My main goal is to ensure everyone has a mini by X-mas.


On a personal note, mine is still not done, will be contacting my partner today, but it should be in the mail by Friday (I have 3 days off this week so it should be done).

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Whoo Hoo

I received a fantastic mini from CuCulain42 yesterday

Thanks so much Josh!

Will hopefully post pictures soon (If I can get my bloody carmera and Computer to co-operate)

She's awesome



Glad you like here. I hope you get you camera to cooperate because I forgot to take pics myself. :blush:

...There's always that one thing that nags at you that you know you forgot but can't put you finger on it. Well that was it. :lol:

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Well, it looks like Rayipsa received my mini. If my wife ever remembers to bring the camera home from work/school, I will post up pictures. If I don't get them up, Rayipsa said he'd try to post some.


I painted up Franc Jeaunoir. He's still one of my favorite DHL figures. Just nice and simple, classic rogue. perfect for any RPG (in a fantasy setting).

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I got mine today!!!


prclimber painted up a wonderful elf fighter for me. When I drag the camera back out I'll take some shots to put up.


This fella will be seeing some action this weekend. Too bad we're going to kill him alot. ::D:


Thanks again prclimber!

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I sent mine quite some time ago. I am not sufre who the recipient is because I only got his name and not his nickname for the boards here. If it helps it was sent to Japan. Anyway, just wondering if it got there. BTW Spiritual_Ex did you get your package yet?




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